We made $142,000 on Kickstarter and you can too

  • Testimonials (Get some)
  • Basic Overview
  • Story (How much work you’ve put into it already)
  • Reward levels (With pretty pictures)
  • Stretch Goals
  • About the Team (Why we’re great and will do a good job with your money)
  • Risks and Challenges


  • Justin’s internet audience. With fairly few exceptions, Justin hadn’t done a retail product Kickstarter and that helped. Justin reaches about 25,000 people weekly on his various podcasts and appearances. This was obviously a huge help. However, it was only a multiplier and it’s debatable how much it multiplied our effort.
  • Guts and Glory’s experience. G&G is a respected and busy design firm that also has a reputation for political work. The work they put it was exemplary and professional. Being about to turn over production responsibilities like shooting and editing to them was massive. While you don’t HAVE to work with a design firm, it’s important to note that in our campaign we had one of the best.
  • John’s game instinct and number crunching. John did a huge amount of work in our prep to set our levels and tiers. He is relentless and that’s something uncommon. If you are not that person (most artists are not) it would make a TON of sense to bring in someone who is.
  • Kickstarter know-how. All us have been part of Kickstarter campaigns before. While we’re trying to be as thorough as possible in this write-up, there is still no substitute for pushing a campaign live and going through it. Remember, if you flub your first try, there is no penalty for cancelling your campaign and trying again.



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