DDA Housing Scheme 2017 Online Registration Process

DDA Housing Scheme 2017 is soon to begin. The much awaited housing scheme is carrying dreams of thousands of Delhiians who are expecting some good results from Delhi Development Authority Housing Scheme this time. The housing scheme is offering around 13,000 flats for the residents of Delhi.

There are news that most of the flats are either vacant or left over flats of DDA Housing Scheme 2014, but does it really matter??

Especially, for those who are looking for a house in Delhi from a very long time. For those who are trying hard to find a shelter in Delhi only just for the sake of their job and family?


Not at all. May be the DDA Housing Scheme 2014 scheme flats remained vacant due to the small sizes but it won’t affect needy people of Delhi. The size issue came because people misused the flats and registration process. DDA Housing Scheme online registration was totally opened for a dedicated category of society. But people belonging to other categories also applied for the scheme and regret later for small sizes.

But this time, this won’t happen. DDA Housing Scheme 2017 Online registration has something special for such buyers. Any applicant who fills DDA Housing Scheme 2017 online application form can not surrender his/her flat easily. If he/she tries to do so, a heavy penalty has to be paid by the applicant, which can not be afforded by all.

So, this time, make sure the flat you want to buy fits your style and need. Check out its sizes, dimension, location, or even personally visit the site location, but say yes to DDA Housing Scheme 2017 online application form only if your conditions met, else remain ready to pay huge surrender fee to DDA.

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