Why Blog?

The imagination within creativity, no matter how it is realised, is one we all share as human beings. It is an unpredictable journey of love, kindness, focus, courage, exchange and humour, undertaken without expectations, to see where it leads. Your comments are welcomed.

Hose Hill, Berkshire

I would like to share my creative journey with others in our joined up, connected world, and perhaps, help a few people along the way.

In a nutshell we live in an inter-connected, changing world, within a living planet, interdependent and reliant on each other, the process effortlessly combining the same few essential elements to recreate everything embedded within the whole.

What are the points of friction or conflict and why do they occur? What can be done to achieve a world of peace and happiness; to achieve a balanced natural world? I believe it starts with each individual person making a difference in their personal lives, through their behaviour and attitude towards themselves, to all other beings, and the environment, communicating a calm and happy life which others will want to imitate; but I’m open to other ideas. Through writing stories, I’m hoping to increase my understanding and hopefully yours too.