Aliens Are People Too: Max & Nala save the world again, Part 1

science fiction novel for adults cover choose your own adventure

This is a choose your own adventure novel for adults.

It is an adventure full of gratuity and ridiculousness best served as a tooth decaying desert.

I will post the story in sections. Between postings, I will go through the comments.

Please interact with the content and tell me what you would like to see happen next.

The most voted plot twist will get written!

There is some minimally offensive language here and there. Sometimes there are erotic scenes, nothing overly explicit.

Get your tortilla chips ready, because you’re about to encounter a whole lot of the best kind of cheese!

Have fun!

Sex, Guns, and a Big Fly

Chapter 1: Them

Sweat dripped down his neck soaking the bare mattress. He could feel the sheets stuck to his torso.

Above the fan was lopsided and noisy. A single fly tickled his lips then buzzed away and back over and over but he was too hot and too tired to do anything about it.

He ran the room in his mind looking for a reason, a clue. What was she doing here and why? What about the man in blue? And, what did he have to do with the missing octopus?

Tangled in his legs a body stirred.

She rolled over without opening her eyes, laying a long arm across his chest.

The smell of jasmine and earth and burning forest and ocean filled his nostrils. Sweat fell from his temple.

It was too much. Her arm on his skin was like fire. Moving to get up he pulled off the wet sheet throwing one leg outside the bed into the cool fan breeze.

Before he could move any further she grabbed him; one arm around his waist the other wrapped around his thigh. Without opening her eyes she rolled onto him pinning him to the bed. Her savory odor floated over him and his mouth begin to water as the softness of her skin lulled him deeper.

Their bodies slipped into one another as her breasts slid over his chest down to his stomach and down to the insides of his thighs. Between his legs, she teased with her nipples then her nose then her lips. Sliding towards his open mouth her lips pulled him in and drank the taste of his lust. Her hips were soft and firm all once. The soft stubble between her legs scratched at his groin; warmer and wetter with each undulation. The heat was too much.

Grasping her by the back of the neck and inside of her leg he flipped her over and landed heavily on top. Her eyes were still closed.

As they were turning he saw something on the desk that wasn’t there before. A colorful scarf made of reds and whites and oranges folded perfectly within arms reach. Beneath it, something bulged.

Moaning with parted lips she pulled him into her. Closer. Deeper. Wrapping her legs around his back she clamped down thrusting his hips in and out with her strength. Rocking like a ship at sea dampness poured between them. Her hair stuck to his face as she pulled him in and out closer then further then closer. It smelled of old oil and spice. Her legs clamped down tighter. Her nails dug into his back while her other hand clenched at the sheets, inching closer to the edge of the bed and the bright colored scarf.

She rocked him more violently and begin to moan and scream. He felt himself getting closer and closer to the edge. His breath was short and he buried his face between the heat of her breasts. She tightened around him, dug her nails in deeper, clenched her legs holding him inside as she whaled into his ear he felt himself release. They stopped rocking as she twitched rhythmically beneath him.

Slowly her hand reached further and further to the side; her legs still tightly wrapped around his waist. She held his face into her wet chest and for a moment he closed his eyes.

The world felt soft and safe. Somewhere just above them, the fly buzzed attentively. The fan wobbled noisily.

Around him her skin was warm and sweet. He could hear her heartbeat thumping in threes; it was racing.

She moved quickly to the left waking him from his daze. The scarf. The bulge.

Without thinking he lunged and grabbed her hand just as she swung the gun towards him. Elbowing him in the top of the head she wrapped her legs tighter shortening his breath with each movement like a snake. Writhing in panic he flailed for the gun. He felt the air leaving his lungs but it wasn’t coming back in.

Pressing down on her chest with all his force he was able to raise his torso to look down. Everything stopped and the sound of their struggle became muffled.

Her eyes were open. Looking into her he saw warmth, he saw everything that had come before, he thought he saw tears.

Lifting himself as high as possible he brought his head crashing down into her face. She didn’t even flinch. Digging one elbow into her thigh he head-butted her again. This time she slipped her head to the side and bit his ear. He bit back. Their blood-purple and red-mixed with sweat.

He bit her neck. She bit his shoulder. She dug her nails into his nape. He pushed his hips hard against hers. She kissed his chin. He kissed her nose. She stroked his back. He caressed her ribs. Tension came out of her legs and she threw him over pinning him on his back; both still clutching the gun.

She clicked the magazine release. He pulled back the stock. She tipped out the last bullet. He dropped the gun. She fell on his lips. They lay breathing through each other in the heat. Salt and copper ran into their lips acrid and satisfying and familiar. The fly watched from the ceiling. It did not move.
There was a click at the door.


Their lips remained in revery while they listened to the stillness with their bodies.

Another click. Silence. Another click.

Rolling as one they fell to the floor with barely a flutter of the sheets. He grabbed the gun. She grabbed the magazine. He held it out and she clicked in the bullets. Together they aimed towards the door.


The ground creaked in the hallway. Without a sound, the door flew from the hinges hitting the wall and landing next to them in pieces. Neither of them flinched. The gun was still trained on the empty doorway. A humming began building louder and louder as it traveled down the hallway towards them.

“Really? He’s here?”

Without looking at him she answered with a shrug.

“I should have known. I should have known. That ugly shit-eater follows you everywhere.”

The humming turned to a drone as a mass of flies swarmed into the room drowning everything in chaos. A shape began to form out of the mass of shimmering black as the drone faded to a buzz then a hum. He raised his head throwing them a look of silent disgust.

“Hey, Max.”

“Hey, shit-eater. Where’s your…”

In the hallway, the faint jingle of a tiny bell approached. A morbidly obese tabby cat bounded in the room with much greater agility than its body warranted. She sat on her hind legs licking her front paw next to the flies.

On the ceiling, the original fly had remained sentinel. Now, it took off and landed on the cat’s brow like a tiny grotesque Bindi dot.

“Boss…” Max finished saying with a look of defeat.

She finished licking one paw then the other all the time staring at the two naked bodies tangled on the floor. The fan wobbled in the silence.

Finally, the fat cat looked up at the humming mass of flies and licked her lips. Shit-eater broke the stalemate.

“Get dressed.”

A swarm of flies broke off and scoured the room for their respective clothes.

“You know something Denise, its been at least a year since you came around with your nasty henchman and I haven’t missed you for a single instant.”

“Ha, that’s bullshit, Max. You forget I can hear your thoughts. I’m in your head.” She replied with a paw half in her mouth.

“Huh, I did forget that” He scratched his temple with nervous resentment. “Well, I’m still mad at you. We are still mad at you.” He said motioning to the women next to him who was wrestling her bra from a swarm of flies.

“Yeah, we are still mad.” She agreed.

“Well, I think after you see why I’m here we will be even.”

They both looked up from their robbing with question mark brows. Denise smiled back with a loud purr.

“You found him? You found him?

She turned with a jingle, speaking over her tail.

“Finish what you were doing here, shouldn’t take too long for you Max, and meet me outside the cafe.” She flicked her tail towards the hallway, “Let’s go shit-eater.”

The mass of flies broke into a swarm and let themselves out of the window as the lumbering orange fluff patted down the hallway.

They stood fully clothed in silence. A single fly lingered in the room buzzing around their heads. Without shifting her gaze she shot her hands out clapping at the air. The buzzing stopped.

“You know Nala, that guy is a real maggot?”

She laughed and kissed him on the cheek.

“Just to be clear,” she said with her lips close to his face, “You came before me.”

“True, but you came harder. I win.”

“Well, technically I don’t even really ‘cum’ per se. It’s more of a multi-dimensional intake of molecular energy. It feels so good though.”

He picked up the gun,

“I win for sure then. Now let’s get out of here before the MAASK show up.”

They stepped over the broken door into the hallway. On the floor behind them, the fly’s torso popped back into place blowing up like an old party balloon going back in time. Its wings sputtered then took flight down the hallway behind them.

Chapter 2: Blue Balls

Outside it was hot and dusty. Instantly his shirt stuck to his back. Sweat stung fresh vertical nail lines crying down his back. Street vendors yelled their offerings here and there, mixing sound with smells they fanned into the heat.

Running straight down the middle of the city, a long road stretched North-South. Max stepped into the middle, looking both ways. He could see the sagging barbed-wire perimeter in the distance on both sides. People wandered back and forth just outside the fence. Over and over they would lean into the wire and feeling its prick they moved away. Then, again they would reach out or lean in, surprised all over again. Every few seconds, over and over again.

He felt sorry for them. Dull ghosts wandering in stupidity. It might be better just to get rid of them all, he thought to himself. Just wipe them out so we can start fresh.

“Hey, don’t think like that.” Nala grabbed his arm leading him in the direction of the lumbering orange fluff ahead of them.

“Sorry, I know. I just don’t see another way. My parents never did either. They can’t breed. They can’t do anything. And, they’re going to get eaten soon anyway. What’s the point? If we just took them all out, the Shartlings wouldn’t have anything to eat down here. They wouldn’t be able to throw their fancy people eating parties. It would cramp their style, you know?”

“Oh, Max. You stupid boy.” She kissed him on the cheek. “Come on. Let’s just focus on what Denise has for now.” She pulled him behind her.

Max watched her walking in front of him. He could smell the sweat brewing at the back of her neck and saw the dark lines of moisture staining the creases in her pants. The round bump of her shape bounced with each step and he felt weak at the knees.

“You know, I didn’t forget that you tried to kill me back there. Again.”

Turning as she led him ahead, she stared into his eyes.

“Oh, come on Nala, you know it creeps me out and gives me a boner at the same time when you look at me like that. Don’t do that in public.”

“Maybe I should do you a favor, like those people at the fence.” She winked at him as her voice came into his head full of smoke and memories.

Overhead the sun seemed too close for comfort. Sweat poured down his brow into his eyes blinding him as he ran. Behind him, the screams of his pursuers were muffled by his breathing. He ran past an open pasture full of cows chewing their cud and flicking their tails. The orange low-angle light of morning turned the air thick with moisture. He was drenched and out of breath.

At the end of the pasture where the open field met jungle, he collapsed behind a sitting cow. Laying spread eagle on his back, staring at the sky and waiting for his assailants to find him.

As he caught his breath the silence became startling. The screams had stopped. Flies buzzed noisily around the cows flicking tail — the only sound. Cautiously, he peered over the back of the animal. It turned its wide eyes to him and he swore he heard a whisper.

“Be careful little boy.”

At the other end of the field, the boys were gathered in a group facing him, immobile. In front of them, with her back to him, was a girl wearing rags. She was shaking her finger at the boys looking them over back and forth back and forth. They didn’t move. They were frozen solid in the heat. Their eyes darted back and forth but their bodies were stuck in space.

She turned and looked right at him. Even from so far away he could see the infinite darkness of her eyes and the beauty of her face. Inside, he felt a tiny hand grab his heart and pull it towards the sky.

Ducking behind the cow, he tried to hide himself in its embrace. Long moments of silence passed. The cow flicking its tail left and right at a lingering fly.

“You gonna lay there all day like a little bitch?”

A voice came from behind him. It was the voice of a woman filled with smoke and sweetness.

He turned to look. There, standing over him, was the ragged little girl. She peered down with the widest blackest eyes he had ever seen. He swore he saw stars.

“Well, you gonna get up or just stay curled up on some nasty cow tit all day?”

He was stunned silent. Why did she sound so old? How did she get over to him so quickly? The cow rolled her eyes, looking away with a sigh of I told you so. A fly landed on his eye. Before he had a chance to sweat at it, the cow flicked its tail, missing the fly and hitting him in the face.

Pulling himself to his feet he stared at the little person in front of him. Although she seemed so old she was still a head shorter than him. Her eyes were so dark and deep he felt he could crawl inside and disappear. She stared back. Her skin seemed to sparkle in the heat and her odor was foul and sweet at the same time, like slightly overripe fruit. She reached out, taking his hand, and led him into the forest away from the pasture.

As soon as they entered the darkness of the shade inside the trees everything became quiet. She sat him down in the dirt and sat down next to him. Putting her head on his shoulder she closed her eyes and exhaled deeply. Her breath smelled of soil and honey and grass. Although they were surrounded by complete silence and she never said a word he felt as if they were having a conversation and he understood everything. And from that moment on, he understood, everything would be different.

Outside in the heat, the boys remained trapped in time. Beads of sweat blinded their eyes but they couldn’t move to wipe them away. Surrounded by an ever-widening circle of masticating ruminants, the boys strained at their invisible restraints. All at once, the cows stopped chewing, looking towards the forest in unison.

Beneath the shade and light of the trees, the little girl breathed deep and slow. The lulling voice in his head fell silent and he felt her body release, leaning further into his shoulder. Slowly he pulled out his arm allowing her head to rest in the crook of his leg. She looked up and he looked down. He took a deep breath and for the first time in a very long time, he felt safe.

“Nala, my name is Nala.” She said without moving her lips or opening her eyes. Echoing in his head, her voice was familiar in a way he could not describe.

The cows broke formation in unison, strolling back to their respective grazing. She twitched her eyes in the direction of the pasture. All at once, the boys collapsed to the ground.

Ahead of them the cat’s white-tipped tail bobbed through the market and into a maze of winding streets filled with both corners and oblique rolling turns. In each nook a person glared out from the dark as if they were expecting someone, anyone but them.

Out of the sun and wind the air was stifling. Masses of flies swarmed everywhere. A constant buzz filled the alleys. Here and there a lone fly would break off, shoot through the air, and snatch up another unseen bug. Tiny crunching sounds filled the air like people eating popcorn in the dark.

Ahead of them, Denise pranced gingerly through the dirt, all the while a trail of flies at her back like a disgusting cape flapping in the wind.

She took a sharp right and just as they passed into the shade of an angle a wall of blue light shot up between them; separating Denise from the others. Max still staring at Nala’s sweating backside ran into the wall, hitting his head in surprise.

Nala fell to her knees clutching her own head in pain.

“He’s in there. He’s got to be nearby. Help me, Max.”

Denise clawed at the blue wall from the other side. Behind her a group approached carrying long rusty swords, their necks were covered in blue tattoos — eels that wrapped around their necks and face. She turned, hissed, then pounced.

On the other side, Max looked everywhere for a sign. Above them, a few stories up, he saw a faint blue light reflecting off one of the open window panes.

“Ok, Shit-eater, part of you stay here with Nala, the other part come with me. I need you to take me up there.” He pointed to the open window.

The flies broke into two groups. Half of them swarmed around Nala in a cloud of shimmering black so thick it looked solid. The other half swarmed around Max, lifting him straight into the air and throwing him through the open window.

As he was falling to the ground he saw more Blue Eels waiting with their weapons, he counted three. Behind them, down the hallway, he caught a glimpse of a pulsating blue light.

Tumbling as he hit the ground, he swept the leg of one of the Eels. The man fell to the ground next to him and Max took the long sword from his hands. Springing to his feet, he charged forward as they came at him. Behind him, the man had recovered and was on his feet again. Sidestepping as another charged him Max grabbed the Eel’s arm as he passed, turning the man’s shoulder inward and spun him towards the other, who didn’t have time to get out of the way of the sword. White liquid erupted from his chest. Max turned in time to duck the swoosh of another blade. Remaining crouched he shot the Eel in the legs as a flash of metal from behind knocked the gun from his hands.

Without thinking he leaped forward, grabbed the gun from the floor and turning in the air fired into the Eel’s chest. He hit the ground and slid into the corner closest to the hall. Standing to move towards the blue light it suddenly disappeared.

The room was completely silent. He didn’t move. Nothing moved. Complete silence. From behind, he felt something cold and sharp on his neck. A tall man dressed in a blue suit, blue hat, and blue shoes stood quietly — a long translucent blade connected him to Max.

“Hello, Maximus.” The voice echoed in his head. “I see you’re still making a mess everywhere you go. Typical human.”

A fly landed on Max’s face. Then two. Then three.

“I have her now. I will find it in her head. You did all this for nothing. Your parents died for nothing. You will die for nothing and I will eat you for breakfast just like I did them.”

Four flies. Five. Ten.

“Ha, you eat people like me for breakfast? Wow, scraping the bottom of the barrel there Mr. Blue Balls. Go ahead, I don’t mind. Just remember though, when you eat me, I’m going to be inside of you. That’s when it’s going to get real messy. And, like not in the hot way. I mean, like not sexy hot, like I’m going to mess you up but not like sexy mess up. Oh, forget, you know what I mean you blue sacked sicko.” Max took a deep breath, closed his eyes, and leaned back against the blade.

The Man in Blue stepped forward with intention. His blade broke the skin but wouldn’t budge further. Leaning forward with all his weight the razor-thin blade tip just pierced the skin. From the point, a trickle of blood ran down Max’s back soaking his shirt. A fly landed on the blade rubbing its arms together, watching the scene below. The blood spread into a small Rorschach inkblot. It was blue. The Man in Blue saw his own image. He stepped back in astonishment.

Just then, a swarm of flies burst through the window, followed closely behind by an even noisier cloud of mosquitoes. The two dark clouds collided with a vibrating thud that shook dust from the walls. They circled the room in a hurricane eye of uniform commotion.

A large group of flies broke off, flying straight into the ground. A dome of flies pinned the mosquitoes to the floor as another group flew over, picked up The Man in Blue, and threw him through the wall. His body landed in the street without a sound then vanished.

The dome of flies slowly closed in on the mosquitoes. Shrinking in like vacuum sealing food. An audible crunching was followed by silence. The swarm broke and the mosquitoes were all gone.

Shit-eater burped satisfaction.

Max looked out the window wiping the back of his neck before the flies returned. In the street below Nala was looking back up at him.

“Alright, Shit-eater, I guess I owe you one for this. Don’t tell Nala though ok.”

Around him, their collective buzzing spoke in unison, “What, that you got your ass kicked and were flirting hard with that annoying blue guy who wants to eat you?”

“Um, yeah, that.” Max looked at the blood on his fingers in astonishment. “What? Shit-Eater look at…”

Before he could finish a massive swarm picked him up, hovering above the floor they moved toward the window. Around him the flies’ laughter was raucous.

“She probably already saw anyway. You know, back home, that guy was a joke. We used to pick on him when we were kids. He was just as annoying back then. Then he got some government job and started dressing all fancy and being a real dick.”

“Who, blue balls? Seriously? Right? He is so annoying. He’s always threatening to eat me. It’s getting a little creepy.”

Shit-eater dropped Max on the ground in front of Nala. Her eyes were wide.

“Are you ok?” Asked Max as he hugged her.

She pulled back to look at him.

“He almost got you this time. You’ve got to be more careful, you’re not completely like us yet.”

Max shrugged. “Meh, you guys are all I’ve got anyway. Even you Denise.” He said, kicking some dust in her direction.”

“He, well, I don’t feel the same way,” She purred. “Now, if you two aren’t going to knock one out in the street here can we get on with it. We are almost there.”

They followed closely behind as the cat and her flies continued through the maze of alleys and doorways. She took a sharp turn into a narrow dead end.

As they walked through the alley, Max caught onto something that Nala had said, “Like us yet. You’re not like us yet.

What did she mean? He reached forward to grab her hand but was interrupted by Denise.

With a flick of her tail, Shit-eater buzzed into a wall formation, closing them off from the main alley. Tall buildings with no windows rose up on both sides. In front of them, there was a dark circle in the dirt, like someone had poured out a bucket of water.

“Well, this is it. Jump in.” She said with a purr.

  • What do you think they should do?
  • Should our would-be heroes trust Denise and jump into the wet hole?
  • Should Max and Nala take off on their own to find The Man in Blue?



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