MSP-C’s Vice President of Content talks to Content Magazine

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Erin Madsen is no stranger to the content business. Formerly in daily newspapers and lifestyle magazines, she moved client-side to work at Target, helping launch its content site, A Bullseye View. Now at MSP-C she is VP of Content, with clients such as Delta, 3M, UnitedHealthcare, IBM, and the University of Phoenix under her guidance. Here as The Content Council’s Rising Star, Madsen talks to Content Magazine about her success with a major CPG corporation, the importance of authentic content, and why former journalists make great marketers.

Content: As lead content director at MSP-C, what does the content director role…

6 industry influencers share their stories

“Anyone who doesn’t have an example of a failure in content marketing is lying or isn’t actually doing the work, they’re just talking about it,” says The Sales Lion, Marcus Sheridan. He admits that in the early days of turning his pool company around, and subsequently as a marketing and sales consultant, he has made many mistakes. Here he and five other content marketing experts share their stories of content marketing risks they took that didn’t pay off.

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Mistake 1: Didn’t tailor the content to the audience

Andy Crestodina, Cofounder & Strategic Director, Orbit Media Studios

My biggest personal mistake was earlier this year, and it is very specific…

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