Enantra 2017- A look back

So have you planned out on your new year resolution yet? Well, we advise you to begin this year in the most productive manner possible.

How to be productive? That is simple, Join us for Enantra!

Spread across three days, Enantra will provide latitude for bringing forth the best delegates and some amazing speakers commencing in various entrepreneurial domains from all across the country. Ever since its inception, Enantra has been conquering one peak after the other.

This article is dedicated to the success of Enantra and to provide a look back to how we succeeded in spreading the essence of entrepreneurship around the city.

Here are some highlights from previous year-

  1. Enantra began on an enthralling note. The Inauguration of Enantra was held on February 23rd in the presence of Mr. Rajaram, IAS officer, the Director of NSIC, Chennai and Mr. Nagaraj, Founder of NSS.

2. The speech by Mr. Karthik Kumar of Evam Stand-up marked the first successful night of the festival. Day 1 of Enantra witnessed a wonderful footfall in all the mini events. Bridge, the Job and Internship Fair saw many enthusiastic participants and young pioneers.

3. Runway one of our signature event witnessed pitches which were all ready for Spot-On investment. The day wrapped up with the panel of Mr. Kiruba Shankar along with Mr. Naveen Valsakumar, Ms. Kavipriya Anandan and Mr. N. Sreenivasalu. Added to this, the speech of Hip- Hop Tamizha Adhi marked a huge closure to the day of the festival.

4. Enantra included Uber Pitch an event first of its kind which involved contestants pitching their ideas to people they encounter in a fixed 7 minute ride around the campus the event received extreme positive reviews from the judges, participants and the festive spectators.

5. The highlight of Enantra was the 6 Degree Talk show which included delegates who shared their entrepreneurial journey to the students. The talk show had interesting speakers such as Auto Annadurai, Mr. Vikas Malpani of the Common Floor and the young inspiration to all the engineering graduates out there, Mr. Varun Agarwal of Alma Mater Store had the campus in a spur with his amazing talk about how to succeed and follow your passion.

6. Apart from the on stage events and mini events Enantra also organized workshops such as how to How to build a start up, Stock market and growth hacking. The workshops escalated the view of management and gave every student a clear view about the several aspects involved in business.

7. Enantra organized the Google Start-Up weekend as well, a hackathon which involves aspiring start-ups, techies, developers and business managers who are put into teams which are mentored by prominent entrepreneurs. The event is licensed by google and it commences on a Friday evening and goes on for about 54 hours.

8. The last day of the fest, witnessed the campuses, best and first ever corporate, entrepreneur and Start-up Awards night. The Vivek Auditorium, CEG was set up in the first-time Round Table, Corporate setup with a perfect ambience.

9. Entre-tainment was coupled with Enantra Awards, which was an award giving ceremony for Entrepreneurs, Start-ups and Corporates, voted by the students.

10. Awardees include: Lifetime achiever — Sakthi Group, Best Women Entrepreneur — Shiv Dhanya, etc. It also witnessed light music and dance events and wrapped of with an interactive dinner outside the auditorium.

Enantra’18 is back again this year with more excitement and zeal to revamp the experience it has delivered last year. So join us this February, as we strive to put before you a spectacle like none you have witnessed, and three days of guaranteed exhilaration. Want to know what is in store for you in Enantra version 2.0? Wait up for our next post.

Suit Up and get ready to explore the entrepreneur in you!