Roulette Terms Explained

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The games in casinos are enthralling without a doubt. Terms, such as Colonne or En Prison certainly make casinos more exciting. Roulette is one of the classic games of casinos. Like any other casino endeavor, roulette also has some complex terms. Let’s take a look at the roulette so you can be a winner the next time.

American or European Roulette

Two tables come in many variants but these two are the main and most used ones. You need to understand the key differences in wheels and other aspects of these tables to better your chances of winning.

Carre or Corner Bets

Of course, this term denotes a bet. There are 4 corners with 4 numbers and the chips you have are placed on each corner’s point of joining. You will win when any of the numbers are selected; this is your bet.

Biased Number

Some numbers often come up more than the others. These numbers are called biased numbers. Casino players often value the biased numbers greatly and try to bet on them. It is not just based on superstitions and guesses. Statistically, some numbers were proven to come up more than the other ones.

Knowing this term is very important for all players.

Colonne or Column Bet

There are 12 numbers arranged in 3 columns. You will choose 12 numbers and if any of them are spun; you win. So, the chances of winning are 1 in 3.

En Prison

This is a French term. En Prison literally translates to In Prison. The term is a special system in some casinos. It gives a player an opportunity to get half of his/her money after winning and take the rest for more bets. This rule is applicable only if the ball falls on Zero. If ball lands after the player has left the bet; he/she has lost the bet.

Block Betting

Players use this strategy to limit their losses. Only some parts of the wheel are covered as to implement this strategy.


This is a simple roulette. Only 9 numbers are present in the wheel. 3 colors are used for betting and a rubber ball lands on different numbers.


This type of bet in roulette is split. In the felts, adjacent digits are covered by wagers.


This means the dealer. This is actually a more civil word for a dealer in casinos. The croupier has many responsibilities as they oversee the table. They set the table, collect chips and pay the bets.


Dolly is used for marking the winning digit in the game. It is actually a marker. The name dolly came from the first marker being doll-like. Dolly keeps track of winner numbers so that payment of bets is ensured.

Dozen Bet

When there are specific dozens and bets are held on which comes up.


Croupiers use this machine. The machine is used for separating the colored chips.

Inside Bet

If a bet is placed on a number inside the felt; it is an inside bet.

To Conclude, roulette is a widespread, interesting game. That is why there are more terms you will learn as you keep playing. Good luck!

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