Are Webinars part of your stakeholder engagement strategy for 2019? They should be.

Oct 29, 2018 · 2 min read

From improving and building effective stakeholder engagement, to helping you reach your business goals sooner, webinars are a powerful tool that should form part of your communication toolkit in 2019.

Here at contentgroup we’ve noticed a significant increase in demand for webinar services from our clients. According to Content Marketing Institute, 58% of marketers and comms professionals are using webinars.

Why use webinars?

Webinars can be used to share important content with your audience. Whether it’s expanding on already published content or demonstrating how a program or policy works, a webinar can facilitate sharing your message. And your expertise.

Because webinars are a visual medium you can connect quicker with your audience. Depending on the format you choose, a Q&A, panel discussion, presentation slides or service demonstration, connecting visually with your audience will also personalise the webinar and make for a more engaging attendee experience.

You can also reach highly targeted audiences on very niche subjects, Australia wide and globally. contentgroup recently facilitated webinars for the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources on a water infrastructure project and a biosecurity project.

Webinars have a distinct advantage over other forms of online content. They offer an opportunity to engage in dialogue with your audience via a Q&A. This is where you get to really understand your audience and meet their needs.

A webinar can be live or pre-recorded but hosting a live webinar allows real time engagement and is more impactful than pre-recordings. Ensuring your attendees have access to a replay still offers immense value however.

Not sure where to start with webinars?

contentgroup is pleased to offer a customised webinar service to meet your communication and business objectives.

Get in touch today to learn how we can help you deliver your message or story through engaging, interactive webinars.

“Developing tailored workshop content and teaching materials was a major contributing factor to the results the program achieved, increasing confidence of participants to publish content online by 60%, as well as increasing their online audiences by 53%.

We look forward to working with contentgroup in the future.“

~ Science & Technology Australia

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