Webinar: Getting your content right for 2019

2018 has been a year when Government departments and other public sector organisations at all levels across Australia have stepped up their publishing efforts: from supercharging their social media strategies to building in-house production capabilities.

With the power of content continuing to prove its effectiveness, communication directors and their teams face a growing list of challenges:

• Content discovery and relevance: how are you winning the battle for audience attention?
 • Keeping up with the rapid pace of change: do you still know your audience?
 • How do you create more content with less resources and less budget?

As we gear for an even busier 2019, contentgroup hosted a webinar on 21 November 2018 to share insights on how to maximise your content effectiveness and future-proof your success.

In case you missed it, here is a full version for you to enjoy at your own leisure.

Getting your content right for 2019 by contentgroup from contentgroup on Vimeo.

Originally published at contentgroup.