Do you want to start a blog ? Tips you should remember

Do you want to start a blog ? because every one of us started blogging journey. you also wanted to start a blog?

There are billions of blogs and every day millions of blog post are publishing every day. How you’re going to competitive with other blogs.

Here’s Think you have to remember

  1. Blogging takes more time and energy
  2. You Should Plan for Long Term
  3. It takes time to generate a revenue
  4. You should develop your own voice
  5. You need have a patience
  6. You should solve your reader’s problem
  7. You should provide Actionable tips and ideas
  8. You should maintenance consistency in publishing

As a blogger, you should learn

  • Keyword research
  • Write a good headline to attract more readers
  • Interlinking the post
  • Creating featured image using free website
  • You should learn about email marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Google analytical to track your readers behavior etc.
  • Guest posting
  • Sending a newsletter weekly or monthly
  • And lot’s more

You have to learn more tips and ideas from different bloggers to succeed in your blogging journey. Do you have that kind of passion for holding for a long time.

What is your passion? what is the problem you are going to solve and give ideas and tips want to share to the world?