Why Partnerships Matter

Partnership does matter. Especially when it comes to a business, partnerships would make difference in success and failure. Many businesses look for a chance to expand their territories with partners who have competitive edges in other areas of business. If the partnership is actually relevant to the core business of a company, it has huge impacts on the result of the business.

Maybe the relationship between ContentsDeal and KSTAR group would be the very definition of a successful partnership. KSTAR group has various kinds of artists and media content while it was lacking in a content distribution platform. On the other hand, ContentsDeal needs more sources of content so that ContentsDeal users can enjoy exclusive content and own the content on the platform.

The both projects are complementing the need of each other — making this partnership meaningful, leading to innovation. In fact, whenever there are changes and innovations, they always do harm to the conventional businesses and industries. The partnership between ContentsDeal and KSTAR group would be a preemptive action to tackle the potential challenges they would be faced with in the near future.

There are certain factors establishing the platform.. partnerships cover many areas.

Another partner of ContentsDeal would be the Iconic Sounds — a group of artists and producers. Stereo Types would be the representative and mostly well-known one participating in the works with Bruno Mars, Justin Bieber, Chris Brown and many other global artists. It won 3 awards at the 60th Grammy Awards in 2018. The Iconic Sounds would be the source of limited content for the ContentsDeal platform.

Having more partners and users would be the most crucial aspect on making a successful platform. The ContentsDeal team would be the one on the right path to it.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to visit the ContentsDeal team through telegram. We will continue to provide updates and progress in the community. Thank you for your interest and support.

Under the token economy ContentsDeal aims for, participants play multiple roles as investors, distributors and users after they receive rewards from the exchange of blocks.

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