SizeGenetics Review: My Personal Experience on this Penis Extender

Robert B. Johnson
Jun 28, 2019 · 8 min read
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If you are as tired as me of reading these fake stories about SizeGenetics penile expander and you want an honest and unbiased opinion, then you are in the right place.

My name is Robert, I will share my personal experience on this penis enlargement device, I will do my best to try to cover everything.

The Penile Extender — SizeGenetics Ultimate System.

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I ordered the ultimate SizeGenetics penis extender because I thought it was the best possible investment. I was surprised by the fact that my package, as mentioned, arrived very quickly, it took them only a day and the packaging was discreet as promised.

I was very excited because the unpacking of the device is like a packaging of an Apple product. I was also surprised by the quality of the product’s manufacture; it did not look like some cheap plastic device of 50 € that I used before.

· Can lengthen the penis by gaining centimeters.

· Can help men treat peyronia (Curved Penis)?

· It is used by penis surgeons.

· Is a medical product of Type 1?

· Is clinically tested and can be used by men of all ages.

· Is supported by an already published medical study.

· Can help you increase your confidence in bed by increasing the size of your penis.

· Is approved by medical professionals.

· Is now in its 16th year of success in the market.

· Fast delivery thanks to different deposits in the world.

Does the SizeGenetics penis extender really work?

YES. The product enlarges the penis. The SizeGenetics™ system is science-based, and this method of elongation is used in other medicine and other cultures. Thanks to this technology, the lengthening of the muscles is possible so that this product works by applying traction on the penis which allows the generation of new cells.

PenisHealth DVD + Forum

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Sizegenetics comes with a complete guide and exercise videos to improve your sex life, penis enlargement and other things I have not looked at yet so I cannot really say what it’s all about. There is also a private forum with over 70,000 people where you can ask questions and share your winnings.

The password and username are provided with the device. I have seen guys show their gains in signatures, some even without the help of the SizeGenetics extender, but simply using the exercises from the DVD.

DVD Instructions

Once I opened it I was actually puzzled over how to tie this thing on my penis, fortunately the DVD covers everything you need to know if you do not want to hurt yourself and to properly use the apparatus.

The SizeGenetics penis extender — How does it work?

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Apparently, it’s the same concept when working in a gym, you start slowly by wearing the equipment 2 hours a day at first, then slowly increasing the pulling force and time that you wear. Here is what someone has recommended on the forum.

The first time I tied it on my penis I felt really weird, but after a few minutes I got used to it and I was not uncomfortable anymore.

SizeGenetics enlarges the penis using traction, known for millennia to lengthen parts of the body. For example, Burmese giraffe women or the ear lobes of some African tribes use traction.

Thanks to a progressive and safe traction, Size Genetics will stimulate the growth and multiplication of cells. Obtaining a larger and longer penis is possible.

So you wear the discreet device on your penis for a few hours a day and you will see results in a few weeks. SizeGenetics is so small and painless that you can wear it under your pants or at night.

NOTE: The device must not block blood flow to the penis, otherwise you may be injured.
Be sure to assemble it following the instructions on the DVD.

The SizeGenetics Penis Extender easily sits around the penis and applies light but continuous traction on it.

As a result, your penis starts to produce new cells. This leads to an increase in the length and width of your penis. It can be worn easily and discreetly under your pants, even at work or while you sleep.

Like any other part of the human body, the penis consists of skin and muscle. Thus, the size of a muscle increases through exercise and training. Your penis also follows this rule.

Week n ° 1
Hours of use per day: 2–3
Traction force: 900g

Week n ° 2
Hours of use per day: 3–4
Traction force: 900g

Week # 3
Hours of use per day: 4–5
Traction force: 900g

Week n ° 4
Hours of use per day: 3
Traction force: 1200g

Week # 5
Hours of use per day: 3–4
Traction force: 1200g

Week # 6
Hours of use per day: 4–5
Traction force: 1200g

Week 6 and +
Hours of use per day: 9 is recommended (max 12 hours)
Traction force: 900g (awareness)

SizeGenetics Results

On average, men who tested SizeGenetics saw an increase in penis size of 7.62 cm, as well as an increase in penis diameter of 2.54 cm.

The results are already visible in a few weeks. It comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee or money back, so you will earn cm quickly or you are refunded.

The results of the clinical studies carried out on SizeGenetics were presented at the International Interdisciplinary Symposium on Re-constructive Urogenital Surgery in Barcelona, ​​Spain, so it is a serious and clinically proven device.

Anyway, I decided to document my experience with this device every month. I started using the device on December 1st, 2018. Here are my results so far …

Start: BPEL of 4.65 »
February 2019- March 2019 increased by 1cm
March 2019 — April 2019 rose by 0.7 cm
April 2019 — May 2019 gained another 0.7 cm

SizeGenetics Medical Approval

SizeGenetics is a medical device supported by doctors AND clinical studies

One of the reasons why so many people buy the SizeGenetics device is because they know that the device works with the support of many doctors and positive results from clinical studies. This makes this device a class 1 medical device.

In addition, the device also includes the CE mark, only awarded to products that meet the strict standards of the European Union.

The SizeGenetics device, and earlier versions of the model, have been present in the medical community for many years. Therefore, we had no problem in acquiring the full approval of the doctors.


Certified doctor by a qualification from the University of Copenhagen, from the medical school in 1983, Dr. Siana is one of the world’s leading professionals in the field of general surgery and plastic surgery.

Dr. Siana is one of the many doctors who invented the SizeGenetics device.

Initially created as a means to help heal people after penile surgery, he realized his advantage for the penis extension itself.

Shortly after, he offered it as an alternative, another way to allow the extension of the penis:

Patients treated with the device, unprecedented surgical, reached an average penis extension of 2.8 cm


Following these excellent results, the SizeGenetics device has been used by thousands of clinics around the world, as a sure method to help enlarge the penis.


As a qualified plastic surgeon, my job is often to work with men uncomfortable with the size of their penis.

Men often wonder if surgery is the answer. It is in some cases.

But, I will always recommend alternative methods before proceeding to surgery.

One of the methods that I recommend is the use of SizeGenetics traction device. This is the only device I trust because it is a clinically proven device.

It helped my patients to:

Add centimetres to the length of their penis

Increase the thickness of their penis

Straighten the curves of their penis

Sometimes men ask me if there are cheaper and available devices. I tell them that, although there are some, these devices are often not clinically tested and are potentially dangerous.

The SizeGenetics device is the only device that I recommend with confidence, because I know it is 100% made from surgical steel, so it is safe.

In addition, both by my patients and the available data, I also know that it is very effective.



During my career, I have often sought a solution to the depression and anxiety that many men suffer because of their intimate conviction of having a small penis.

As many men come to me for help with feelings of insecurity and inadequacy, I looked for a tool that I could safely recommend to all my patients.

These feelings often lead to depression and unsatisfactory sexual experiences, due to a lack of self-confidence. Therefore, it’s not just a physical problem.

My research on SizeGenetics clinically demonstrated a significant penis extension that is very effective. When a colleague introduced me to SizeGenetics, I was very interested in the effects that a bigger penis would have on my patients.

The positive results obtained in my patients led them to become much more confident in themselves, much more than they had ever been in the past.

In addition to an increased sense of self-worth, men who experience a larger penis are more likely to have more sex, resulting in a positive impact on both their body and their spirit.

This is good news for couples, and it can help them revive their sex and intimacy.

I highly recommend SizeGenetic for many of my patients.


Where to buy SizeGenetics

SizeGenetics is for sale only on the official website. It is not yet available in pharmacy, but it is very easy to buy on the Internet on their official website.

To avoid getting scammed, I recommend you to buy on the official their website, you can visit it by clicking here. In fact, there will be no mention of SizeGenetics, including on your credit card or credit card. Thus, your anonymity is preserved.

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