What do I love?

I can work myself very hard. It would not be inappropriate to call me a workaholic. I have a tendency to go all in with work and put everything else on the back burner. As a result, if I am putting everything I’ve got into work but not getting much back beyond money, I can run myself down to empty. This is a cycle I want to put an end to.

Before I throw myself into the next thing, which I inevitably will, I want to take a moment to remember what it is that I love about what I do.

  1. I love finding elegant solutions to problems.
  2. I love working with people who make me better.
  3. I love creating and being part of a team.
  4. I love getting to the heart of a problem.
  5. I love connecting with people. Not just my coworkers but the audience.
  6. I love doing things better.
  7. I love learning something new.
  8. I love finally understanding something that was giving me trouble.
  9. I love making other people better. Drawing out their talents. Helping them do their best work.
  10. I love being able to show simplicity in things people think are complicated.
  11. I love helping people understand.
  12. I love great design. From aesthetics to utility.
  13. I love solving problems with other people.
  14. I love a really good, focused brainstorm session.
  15. I love order, simplicity and economy.
  16. I love the things a person can bring to a project or problem that defies reason but is completely right.
  17. I love overcoming obstacles and the bond that can be created between people by overcoming them together.
  18. I love the giddiness that can overtake you when things feel impossible but then carrying on.
  19. I love the rush of everyone working together to achieve a goal.
  20. I love crossing the finish line.
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