Because: Lists

Things that Rock:

  • Really delicious bento boxes for dinner
  • Sessions with kids that go WAY better than expected
  • Morning walks to work
  • This yummy drink here called Calpis… yup, pronounced how it looks
  • The ease of finding grapefruit juice in all the restaurants
  • Azalea season!! Oh the beauty!
  • Having all my own stuff- and a real bed!
  • Co-workers who make me laugh
  • Evening walks home from work

Things that Stink:

  • Figuring out retirement plan money transfer stuff…ug
  • Foreign transaction fees
  • Weather getting muggier
  • Not being able to buy cute Japanese shoes cause they don’t have my size
  • *accidentally* eating the treats I was going to send to friends… my bad guys- my bad
  • Trying to navigate my international health insurance paperwork
  • Feeling way too grown up with all these paperwork things