Please, just…stop

I was not shocked this morning when I heard that Great Britain has stopped sharing its intelligence information with us. It was a logical move on their part, considering that the security of information coming into the US is laughable. Our government is leaking like a sieve, and the person or persons responsible for this do not seem to realize just how much the leaking is hampering the government’s ability to maintain the security of our citizens.

If other countries also remove us from the list of those with whom they share intelligence information, the United States of America could very easily become isolated as far as current knowledge about other countries and entities not friendly to us or our interests is concerned. This could conceivably lead to the end of this country as we know it. Without good intelligence formation, we could have no way of monitoring what a country like Iran or Korea was doing; whether they were growing their nuclear programs or what movements their military forces were making. Radical Islamic terrorist groups could find it much easier to plan terror attacks. Groups of many sorts could plan to embed operatives here, and it is possible that we would have no knowledge of this.

Yes, I realize that we have satellite surveillance capabilities, but that only gives broad pictures of what is happening worldwide. Intelligence about organizations and individuals is an unfortunately vital part of keeping American citizens safe so that we can go about our daily activities and enjoy the liberties that we have. I also realize that we have our own sources for information. More info, and a different perspective help, however, and if we all know all that is known, each of us has a better chance of preventing attacks.

I don’t know who is perpetrating the leaking of information to the Washington Post and the New York Times, but I am issuing a personal appeal to that person or those people: Please stop doing this. I do not think it is fair for you to put the rest of us in harm’s way to satisfy an ideological vendetta. Please, please just…stop.

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