Looping Dunwall

How to make a Dishonored-coub

Coub is a video-remixing platform. A coub is a short looped video with a soundtrack of your choice (or just the original audio). You take an existing video (any video url, or footage from your hard-drive), select the best part and edit it using the online editor.


There are two ways of making a Dishonored coub.

Head to the official Dishonored channel at Coub.com. Choose a video from the column to the right by clicking on it. The video will appear in the Coub editor.

Choose the best part by dragging the ends of the selection bar. Upload the music from the official soundtrack (3rd party audio is not allowed for this competition). You can also choose to reverse your video for smoother looping.

Give your coub a name and don`t forget to put a hashtag #dishonored so that we could find your work in our feed.

Hit ‘Publish’ and — voilà! — your coub is ready.


But since we`re hardcore we can do it the hard (and the better!) way.

Just play Dishonored.

When you come across some awesome moment — capture it (PC-users may try Fraps or NVIDIA Shadow Play).

Press the ‘Create’ button, then drag and drop your video file. This can be anything: a most brutal stealth kill, a fierce fight in a backalley or just a peaceful stroke of sunbeams through the autumn clouds.


This is an invitation to re-visit Dunwall — not only as an assassin but as a photographer and an artist as well.

Authors of the best coubs will get the Steam-keys of the game and some serious loot for any Dishonored-fan — team-signed game sleeve.


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