Suzie, we call this behavior on your part “backsliding”.
James Joseph

Wow, this is one obtuse, prideful, condescending comment.

“ your attempt to find a world view that accommodates the sin that you accept or partake in”

Get over yourself. What sin? Where in this post, even by the strict interpretation of your own faith has Susie mentioned a “sin”?

Is it maybe the “sin” of having abandoned your warped interpretation of your faith for something that is not crazy? Because that’s what it sounds like.

There was also an element of fear in your post. Fear that Susie may be right after all.

Where does it say in the Gospel to hate your neighbor if he or she is not as white or as pious as you are? Where does it say to build a wall to keep the needy away?

I know that few evangelicals have actually read the bible, preferring to cherry pick the most convenient verses here and there, but even for someone as obtuse as you seem to be from the tone of your post, the truth of what is written in the Gospels must create some pretty big dissonance in your life. You can shove it deeper and badger and demean those that try to remind you of the truth of Jesus message, but the fear remains behind.

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