Software in the Death Care Industry

The Death Care Industry is always advancing. The introduction of new technologies is bringing funeral home directors into the 21st century.

We often hear about cremation and cemeteries. One might wonder how complicated it actually is. Death Care companies like work to equip funeral home directors with state of the art software. Necessity has always been the mother of invention. What seems to be the major necessity of funeral home directors and the Death Care Industry? The growing trend is tracking crematory management information. That would include: remains status, accounts receivable, equipment usage, and maintaining burial records.

Software providers are currently developing new products to meet these needs. These tools are now becoming essential for funeral service providers in the United States.

So, lets learn more about these powerful tools!

The Crematory Manager

A single point of entry provides for body/cremains status, accounts receivable management, and updates equipment usage. The Crematory Manager is a very powerful and flexible tool that provides the crematory the added advantage it needs to excel in today’s increasingly competitive market.

The Cemetery Manager

Cemetery Manager easily maintains your burial space information. Software optimizes your cemetery searches, your accounting practices and inventory entries and decreases search time to mere seconds. The basic package delivers:

Accounts Receivable and Billing: Manage inventory and secondary accounts receivable with our sophisticated accounting system.

Trust Management: Keep close track of account histories, interest, and numerous trusts through the use of Pre-need and Trust reports. Manage numerous trusts on each contract at any given time.

Interred Management: Maintain records on survivors for future business prospecting. Know when and where individuals are buried. Manage both Pre-need and At-need contracts.

Management Reporting: Print a number of important documents already formatted or design your own reports. Over a hundred pre-produced reports available.

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