Slow Down, It’s OK

When we write code and we deliver software to people, there will always be mistakes made. It’s OK. If we feel the pressures of delivery and performance to our customers, then we need to do something different.

Slow Down

When “fires” erupt in our daily software life, making a giant enormous deal out of it, is actually the opposite thing we should do. Be grateful for the moment to learn. Thank those who have brought it to our attention. Allow the fire to be dealt with in a methodical and smooth approach. Smooth is fast. Also, smooth is confidence.

Identify The Source

When we try to identify the source of the fire, we should not name the developer as the source. We name the real source: the code, or the process that had a problem. See, when we finally understand where the issue is, we can finally make the needed change, however, together with that, we can also inform the customer what the issue is and how we plan to fix it going forward. If we don’t do hat, then we can’t repair the relationship with the customer and ultimately confidence is lost.

Continuous Confidence Is About Trust

Continuous confidence is about continuous trust. We have to gain moments to gain the trust of the customer. If the relationship is not there, they will never trust us. We need moments of trial and fires to help define who we are. That is what his is all about. Continuous confidence brings the person back into the software development cycle. We made automate and ship code all the time, but remember, ultimately the customer is a person. We need hat relationship with them to be firm or we won’t be able to continue serving them.