CTN is listed on D-coin Exchange on Nov 24, 2021.

Dcoin Exchange
Dcoin Exchange — Nov 24, 2021

Dcoin will list CTN/USDT on November 24. Details are as follows:

  • Deposit time

Please refer to the latest notice.

  • Trading time

CTN/USDT trading pair will be open at 2021/11/24 7:00 (UTC)

  • Withdrawal time

Withdrawal will be available from 2021/11/25 7:00 (UTC)

Project Introduction

Project name: CONTINUUM

Token symbol: CTN

CONTINUUM(CTN) plans to implement a blockchain-based service that allows users to check coffee bean information in real time through an app for the first time in the world with the Guatemalan government. Through the CONTINUM application, you can check the production of coffee beans in Guatemala, Costa Rica, Panama, Honduras, etc. in real time, as well as check the production, quality, rate, production statistics, shipment and notification services.

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The world’s first, coffee bean information block chain.