Hi again, future Continuum citizens! It is time to talk about resources… those precious, little things. Biomes are packed with natural resources… and players can make the most out of them! But where… how… why…? Let’s see it! Yee-haw!

Resources are obtained from the natural world: trees, boulders, plants and…

Hi again, future Continuum citizens! Following our previous post about purchasable NFT lands, the next step is crystal clear… It is finally time to explain in more detail what players can do in their lands! Yee-haw!

Map Zoom


First things first… gathering! Along with cities, lands are the other way to gather…

We’ve officially partnered with Quickswap, the largest decentralized exchange running on the Polygon Network!

Quickswap LP mining

Starting November 11th, users that stake their UM-ETH Liquidity Provider (LP) pair will be able to receive dQUICK as a reward for using the QuickSwap LP mining program.

Few simple steps for you liquidity mining $QUICK rewards:

Becoming a citizen in Continuum World implies not only exploring randomly generated sky-islands, but also getting the chance to discover which kind of ecosystems form this vast, idyllic universe! Each one with its own exclusive terrains, fauna, climates… and dangers.

We are happy to announce that we will be airdropping an Origin UMi NFT with limited edition accessories to all our $UM Holders. (and stakers!!)

We will do the snapshot at the end of Sunday, so if you don’t have $UM already, go to our website and purchase some if you want to participate of this promotion. There are no minimums.

Please note that we have not priced our avatars, and they will be available at no cost when the game launches (even earlier, when the avatar generator launches soon!) but we will be including some limited edition accessories on these ones and power ups so they will be unique, in order to thank early support from our holders and supporters.

Happy Halloween !!

Continuum World is super thrilled to announce that we will have a strategic partnership with Good Games Guild — a Gaming Hub that aims to create the largest virtual world economy by sponsoring millions of play-to-earn gamers.

The partnership will attract millions of players that enjoy the farming and base…

We are very happy to announce our first CEX listing on MEXC tomorrow 13th at 12 UTC.

In order to celebrate the occasion and increase the awareness, we will be airdropping 800,000 UM (60,000 USD in Tokens at current value) to all participants.

You can read about the rules in this post below.

Enjoy !!

Continuum World

Continuum World

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