Contractium Network & RedCab Team’s Up!

Contractium Network is happy to you our unrelenting supporters that we have concluded an agreement with RedCab LLC. to share a formal collaboration between our projects. We seek to exceed your expectations in our characteristic manner.

Contractium Network, a decentralized application built on the Ethereum Blockchain and pushing forth its’ Proof-of-Contract protocol aimed at changing how individual and enterprise grade transactions are conducted in our everyday dealings has continually sought out great projects in the space to partner with to guarantee our place as the market leader in our niche in the commercialization of Smart Contracts and ever growing business of Token Issuance.

RedCab LLC. on the other hand, offers a decentralized peer-to-peer transportation solution to individuals utilizing the power of Blockchain technologies and a unique business model for a transparent, affordable, and innovative future. Founded in 2016, and launched in 2017 with a concrete roadmap unto the future of peer-to-peer transportation services, it has championed Proof of Driving and Proof of Marketing concepts, AI Powered Road Assistant, Geo Ads for monetization, and a strong portfolio of on-ground operations in a very short time.

This partnership is in line with our vision to changing how individual and enterprise grade transactions are conducted in our everyday dealings. Contractium Network and RedCab shall work hand in hand to improve quality and productivity of its projects.

Contractium Network is currently on Pre-sale with a whooping 45% bonus. Lot of investors are taking this as an opportunity to get as much token they can. We look forward to greater heights.

To join our whitelisted users, please fill out this WHITELIST FORM and secure your spot on our upcoming Pre-Sales.

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