ContractPen: Accord Cicero templates and model code generation

Accord Cicero templates and code generation now work in the ContractPen template editor. Note this is a beta demonstration at this time to show basic functionality of integration with Accord Project.

Accord Cicero templates are templates where the value of items are obtained from data models by using this brace syntax [{name}]. Note that it must be [ followed by { then the name.

Cicero Contract Template Rendered

For example, for this contract on the menu item on the left called “Create Contract” and it will render the Cicero template contract on the user interface.

This is achieved by using the editable template available under “Contract Template” menu item and the data from the models.

The “Models” menu item allows for creating and editing Accord Cicero CTO models through the UI. Click on the “Models” menu item to edit models.

In this demonstration contract there must be one model as an Asset type, this Asset type may contain the data for the Cicero template. Then also one data item must exist for the data type. Click on the “HelloWorldClause” menu item to edit data for this item. Here if the name “Peter” is changed and then we return to the “Create Contract” menu item, the output will show the new name as given.

Finally click on the Accord Project menu item to download a zip file containing the data models as you have edited and created in the Models section. This allows ContractPen to be a basic data model editor which generates CTO file models.

Happy #LegalTech hacking!