Of Scars and Healing

Satya could feel every inch of her surface burn for want of skin. She could see her blisters and flesh. Still, she never cried.

Then came the consolation. "Don’t worry the scars will heal." Still, she didn’t cry. "At least, your pretty face was saved." Not a mention of her life, none of her battle for it, yet she didn’t cry.

She recovered- Triumph! But the consolation continued. "Thank God the pretty face was saved." She wondered at the consolation, at the utter lack of gratitude for her life. "Don’t worry the scars will heal."

She saw the reminders of the blisters and the patches of unevenly toned skin, now covering her flesh. She tried recalling the moments where she could feel the want of it. She wondered, if she would cry now that the ordeal was over; now that she didn’t have to fight. Satya just let out a sigh- "Don’t worry, the scars are where I have healed."