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Hi! The problem with state minimums it that they mean there is basically no care. Minimums include things like “you must pay for children to be lead tested” and “prescription drugs have to be covered.” They are truly, truly minimums and there is no reason to get rid of them. Without the EHBs a number of people will end up with a plan that doesn’t cover their actual illness, doesn’t have mental health coverage, and doesn’t cover birth to give just a few examples.

HSAs are great, but only if you have money to save. Most people don’t.

Charging for coverage lapse actually isn’t in the senate bill, which is a huge problem because it leads to adverse selection (not enough healthy people signing up). Medicare actually has a charge for not signing up built into it. If you want everyone to be covered, there has to be some penalty for signing up, the economics of it just don’t work otherwise.

Yes high risk pools are a fucking nightmare.

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