Announcing Fund I

May 24, 2018 · 2 min read
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Building community in the Midwest — a core part of Contrary.

Today, we’re thrilled to officially announce Contrary’s Fund I, a $2.2M fund bringing world-class capital and mentorship to university entrepreneurs everywhere.

Backed by founding members from Facebook, Tesla, Reddit, Twitch, SoFi, MuleSoft, and many others, we continue to invest $50K — $200K in students, faculty, and recent grads/dropouts.

But perhaps best of all, our LPs are all intimately involved with our teams — not simply figureheads — allowing us to execute on our vision and continue leveling the playing field, whether you’re in Provo, Pittsburgh, or anywhere in-between.

While we’re announcing today, we’ve been investing out of Fund I for over a year now (13 investments), and the results have been exceptional: excluding those we’ve backed over the past 1–2 months, all of our companies to-date have received follow-on support from Tier 1 funds: Sequoia, Foundation, Social Capital, YC, and many others.

What started as our version of an MVP — the smallest possible fund to validate our thesis — has now evolved into something so much more.

One week from today, we’re kicking-off the most selective summer program for university entrepreneurs out in San Francisco (with our good friends @ Babson SF), where we’ll be spending the entire summer building, under one roof, with 10 of the top university-started companies from across the country.

If you’re a university entrepreneur, we just announced this morning that we have one final slot for this year’s program (apply here — the deadline is a week from today on 5/31). The roster is loaded, and it’s going to be one heck of a summer.

Looking Forward

To our Venture Partners past and present. To our community of founders. And to the hundreds of people who’ve lent a helping hand along the way — letting me sleep on your couch, mentoring me, or personally investing and being a part of this truly special organization that we’re building: thank you.

We’re just getting started.

- Eric & The Contrary Team

P.s. — as always, if you’re a talented university entrepreneur building something special, shoot us a note:

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