you’d think every IT person in the country would have job offers 20 levels deep
I wouldn’t worry too much about reading from that site.
Mark H

Don’t make me laugh — I’m a database developer and can’t find a job. Part of it is that I’m strictly Unix, no Microsoft TYVM, and part of it’s my age — 60 in a few months.

My unemployment ran out a couple months ago, so now I’m living on survivor benefits from SSA and a small amount from my IRA that won’t put me over the earnings limit. This won’t cover everything and my house needs work before I can sell it and downsize. I probably shouldn’t have bought such a large house, but I fell in love with it and could afford it at the time. No clue where that money’s going to come from.

Not going to be able to count on help from my son like your mom did — he’s on the autism spectrum and still in high school. He has no clue what holding down a real job is going to entail. He has only “worked” the cooperative work training jobs through the school — those are 2 hrs./day, nowhere near what would be expected of him for a full time job.

I worry about the future because my investments are not huge even though I’ve been putting money aside all my life. Are they going to fail when the bubble bursts? Maybe it’s time to say F*-it and just move.

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