right to speak for blacks
Spot on Classical.
Kindra J. F.

I managed to find some, but not all of this yesterday.

My impression is that you were talking apples and oranges.

She has never come across as speaking FOR blacks in anything of hers I have read. She comes across as saying, “Listen up, people. This is how you have been treating others for years.”

Others, yes, not just black people and I have never noticed her trying to put words out as if they came from a black person or from their point of view. She does her research and gives us history and sometimes holds a mirror up so we can see how idiotic we are behaving. Not individually, usually, but as a society.

I also agree with the point you made that one black editor does not speak for ALL black people. The fact that YOU found it offensive is just that — your opinion which you are perfectly entitled to.

I read both of you for different reasons. You because you give me a tiny (which I keep working to expand) idea of how black people look at the world. Her because she reminds us of how we got into this mess in the first place.

Just my two cents.

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