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I’m so sorry, Jaden.

I could only find part of the discussion yesterday because you were writing from the prompt instead of replies. What I did find is that you two seemed to be talking past each other. I also didn’t think it was a white woman’s place to get into a discussion between two POC.

You were talking about doing academic research to point out the problem and why it exists — pointed mostly to white folk as far as I can tell — and she seemed to be equating that to saying how black (I was going to say POC, but she was specific to black) people feel about your subject matter.

To me (in other word, just my opinion) the fact that you were putting them into a publication run by a black editor does not mean other blacks would not disapprove of the article was her main point. One black editor does not and cannot speak for all black people.

As a white person, I appreciate both of your views. Hers to let me know how things make her feel. Yours to remind me of how we got into this mess to begin with.

What I really need now is to remind myself to speak up whenever I see things that I know are wrong.

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