The Conversant Visual Teamware Platform Moves to Preview Release Delivers A New Way for Human Service Agents and Bots to Help Customers Visualize Conversational Commerce.

Vancouver BC, Canada — May 1st, 2017 — Nextwave Software Inc. announced today is moving into its Preview Release phase. Conversant is a bold new visual teamware platform hosted on Microsoft Azure that is dedicated to providing a unique approach to customer-focused teamware for messaging. Conversant introduces revolutionary new technology to better enable businesses to leverage social messaging for their conversational commerce needs.

Conversant is built on the philosophy that human agents and bots need to work together to create a superior customer service environment for messaging. To do this, Conversant has created a new type of teamware platform using a radical new UI layout that is ideal for agents and bots to work together with customers in messaging. Conversant addresses the unique characteristics of messaging, which are more persistent and highly contextual in nature. By preserving that context with associated visual media, Conversant introduces a uniquely visualized view of customer conversations so support agents can easily reference important events within a long thread and see the context of past agent responses and automated bot messages. Agents can move quickly from one conversation to the next, and easily assign and manage conversations.

“We are now at the ‘figure it out’ stage for business looking at implementing conversational commerce to interact with customers,” said Nextwave CEO Christopher Boothroyd. “The social messaging space is exploding; there are more bots launched every day and CRM is straining to adapt. Innovative businesses need a platform to come into this space and provide a way to harness the opportunity. Conversant is the platform for businesses to leverage messaging to deliver on the ultimate goal in customer convenience: sales, service and support are only a send button away.”

A recent report from AppAnnie revealed those aged 13 to 24 now spend more than 3.5 times overall usage time in messaging apps. As these youth become adults, the importance of messaging apps will only increase. Social messaging has already surpassed social networking, and businesses must make their messaging technology choices now or risk falling behind consumer expectations.

Azure is an intelligent cloud platform with a robust range of integrated cloud services that developers and IT professionals use to quickly build, deploy, and manage applications across a global network of Microsoft-managed datacenters. With Azure, you get the freedom to build and deploy wherever you want, using the tools, applications, and frameworks of your choice.

“This new messaging land rush requires a unique UI/UX approach and Conversant perfectly embodies our concept of an agent and bot team creating a perfect circle of service around the customer,” continued Boothroyd. ”Hosting Conversant on Azure means we’ve integrated powerful features like the Bot Framework, Azure Machine Learning and Cognitive Services into the solution allowing our customers the opportunity to also use these features. We are adding more Microsoft tools and services including Teams, Office 365 and Skype as well to offer a first-class service constellation. With Conversant now moving into its Preview Release phase and early customer feedback bolstering its features, we see social messaging becoming a highly profitable space for our customers.”

Nicole Herskowitz, senior director, product marketing at Microsoft Corp. added, “We’re excited to see Nextwave use the advanced analytics and artificial intelligence capabilities of Microsoft Azure. It is well suited to host conversational computing deployments which in turn, drive conversational commerce for businesses. Nextwave’s decision to bring Conversant to Azure reflects this, and we are pleased to host such an innovative approach to this space.”

Availability Conversant is currently available in an early access Preview Release program for select customers and partners, with plans for a general preview release later this year. For more information and to request early access, visit


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