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  • Travel search is one of the most common use cases for chatbots, we reviewed the 5 main travel bots on Facebook Messenger
  • Travel bots can differ significantly on capabilities (how many things the bot can do), and also on onboarding and helping users. One bot already implemented the “Link Account” function to send notifications after the booking
  • Some bots understand complex text input, others require information provided one at a time in a ping ping conversation. The latter limits what a user can do and provide a suboptimal user experience
  • Current bots have limited search capabilities, similar to website…

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The term “Chatbot” is in trend these days and the year of 2016 is pretty much declared as the year of Chatbots. But after talking to multitude of people in last two months we found following problems while discussing Chatbots with industry people who are new to its current concept, especially considering the fact that Chatbots are not something totally new:

1. People are not sure about the definition of a conversational Bot, at what point a Bot becomes a conversational Bot?

2. What makes a Bot good? What are the attributes that define their quality?

3. How narrow a…

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Natural interfaces, with users expressing their needs in natural language, are the new way to engage customers.

What dot they all, including chatbots like Facebook M and meeting schedulers like, have in common? Behind the scenes, algorithms and humans are working in tandem to answer requests.

Handling a natural language request is typically a 3-step process:

Understand -> Act -> Respond

Let’s describe it with a simple flight information example, where the user asks “What’s the status of FR 8542?”.

  1. Understand. User is interested in a flight status and the flight is “FR 8542”.
  2. Act. Some databases or APIs…

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  • Natural Language APIs provide a good way to get started with single interactions (ex. Question-answer, command-action)
  • When you move to conversations, most of the logic, including managing the state and changing the actions based on it, needs to be implemented by the developer, often in a rigid way
  • Available APIs are good for building MVPs but have several drawbacks (Context and history not used by the algorithms, poor failure management, no dialogue optimization, no way to factor in expert knowledge, lower accuracy) that may hinder user experience

Bots are the new black, everyone wants to build one.

If you…


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