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2 Tips That Will Increase Your Brand’s Digital Influence

Written by: Kyle Musser

When you think about the connection between your brand and your target audience, what comes immediately to mind? 🤔

When I ask most prospective clients this question in our initial kick off meetings, what it usually comes down to one specific moment their brand’s customer acquisition journey….

‘The Conversion’… aka the sale.

I then follow-up with is a question like this…

“Ok, what are you doing to create new conversations and build deeper relationships after the sale?”

In most cases, most clients don’t really have a great answer other than offering some soft of well “We send out an occasional email newsletter” or “We let people know when we have a sale or special event”.

Which is fine because most of us learned in Startups 101 that our businesses should be designed to make money. But what so many business owners and first time entrepreneurs really miss out on is the connection between digital story telling and the growth of your brand.

If you’re a business owner that wants to stand out in today’s digital world, the fact is if you have to build deeper connections with your audience if you want to really crush it and build a solid business that’s more than just transactional.

Great news is that with all the incredible tools we have as business owners today, it’s never been easier to connect with an audience and grow your brands influence. Even if you’re just starting out from scratch.

And from the way I see it, this is what really matters when creating a profitable brand that lasts. It’s about building long-term relationships and continuing to add value to those relationships long after the first transaction between your business and your customers.

So whether or not you already own a business, or are thinking about starting a business, what you have to understand and embrace is that there is much more is at stake than just the conversion. It’s about the continual conversation that takes place before and after the sale.

We like to refer to this as The Pathway to Business Success in a Digital World

via Digital Conversion Labs Design Labs

Our goal when working with any client is to guide them in understanding that if you want to stand out, you should be aiming to do business in a way that’s not just transactional… but relational.

Better yet,

“You should aim to conduct business by providing massive amounts of value to your community and your customers before going after their wallets.” — Kyle Musser 💭

With today’s business climate getting more and more crowded by the day, you have to understand that your customers’ attention span is getting shorter as technology accelerates the flow of information.

You also have to realize that you and your brand are not alone when it comes to navigating business growth in the digital age.

In fact, I just wrote about this in “6 Tips to Help Your Brand Stand Out in the Digital World”…

Lead generation, content creation, marketing automation, paid advertising, sales funnels, and the list goes on and on. And while this might seem overwhelming or like it’s a never ending cycle, the fact is that it’s never been better time to start a business because of these things!

Whether you’re an entrepreneur working out of a co-working space like I do, a blogger creating in a coffee shop, a mompreneur running a home based business, or a Fortune500 brand… the fact is we are all learning which experiments best position our own unique brands for success and business growth.

So hats of to you reading this because you are already one of the select few who’s actively looking for new information and ideas to help grow your business. 👍🏼

And trust me, I know first hand how frustrating it can be trying to grow with little to no resources in the bank.

But I also know how much money you can blow when you have some investable cash paired with unrealistic expectations and no real consistent growth pathway.

Either way, you’re probably here asking the question…

“Well Kyle, how then do I turn a conversation into a conversion without bankrupting our brand equity account?”

I want you to first start off by thinking about it like this:

Have you ever experienced this scenario where you’ve been out somewhere with some friends. Let’s say to a networking party and some guy/girl walks up to you and starts marking small talk showing that he or she is interested in you.

Now you initially get all excited because you think that it’s you that they’re into. But shortly thereafter, you then might realize that all they are looking to do is Netflix n’ chill.

Sound familiar?

Now imagine you are a prospective customer getting introduced to your business for the first time. Next, think about your “pitch” and the conversation around your brand… Specifically when it comes to your digital footprint.

On which side of the previous scenario would you put yourself in? 🤔

Are you the sleazy pick-up artist at the party or even the annoying guy who’s pitching everyone on his business… OR are you the person who’s going around the room having deep intimate conversations and asking the question,

“How can I help you?”

I don’t know about you, but now that I’ve grown up and settled down a bit from my early 20’s shenanigans. And now that I have, I’d much prefer to have the latter experience where it’s an equal if not greater favor of exchange in favor of service to each other.

Great communicators, marketers, entrepreneurs, and story tellers look for ways to listen and spark conversations that lead deeper into one thing… customer discovery.

This process known to many of you as customer development or lead generation, is where you should be doing more listening and becoming attune to your customer’s needs, wants, desires, and pain points.

And it’s when you do this on a consistent basis where the real magic is as you’re able to continuously open up new doors behind which opportunities are waiting for your business.

To keep it simple…

“Don’t just extract value, look to add value first.” — Kyle 💭

Business is about people and building relationships. Or at least it should be anyway in my opinion.

So while many argue that technology is the disruptor of relationships, I believe that digital technology is an enabler of people and human connection.

In fact this is part of the premise for creating our DCLabs Brand Labs Script as part of our Pathway to Unlimited Profits.

I believe that as business owners you need to think about how your social and digital media represents the extension of your brand as you move down the Conversation to Conversion Pathway.

Whether it’s before the sale by providing a your prospects with a content approach that helps your them solve ‘micro-moments’ of pain and frustration or all the way into the actual sale and into the follow-up. The point is that your content and the systems you use should be nurturing and fostering deeper connections to help grow your business.

All of which lead back to your core story that works as an means of connecting new and returning customers to your brand.

And the best part is that your potential clients, current customers, and brand evangelists within your community are already having these conversations somewhere out there in the digital world.

You and your team first just need to understand who your ideal customer is before starting this process of continual value creation.

Here’s a quick 5 Step Guide to Help Your Customer Development Efforts

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But if it’s so easy, why are so many brands and businesses (possibly even you) still missing this important piece of the Conversation to Conversion Pathway?

It’s because they (and potentially even you) are focused on the quick close instead of directing the time, energy, and resources into what matters. And what really matters in business is solving a need that positively serves your community because the reality is that…

“People still do business with people.” — Kyle 💭👥

And while digital technology has completely changed the game in terms of how we purchase, buy, interact and communicate. The fact is people are still the ones creating the content, building the platforms, developing the products, and communicating your brands value to the market.

So here are 2 Tips That Will Increase Your Brand’s Digital Influence as you and your team Create More Conversations that lead to Conversions

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Tip #1 — Connection Creates Trust

So if this is true that business is still about the connection between people, then how do you create lead generating conversations in today’s digital climate when everyone is face down either on their iPhone or in a laptop?

Great question! Think about it like my friend Pat Flynn describes it when he says…

“Be everywhere.” — Pat Flynn 💭

But it’s not just about being everywhere, it’s about being where your customers, your prospects, and your community are.

Whether you choose Snapchat, Facebook Live, Webinars, YouTube, Periscope, Instagram, etc. The fact is digital is an integral part of our lives for those that are fortunate enough have access to the web and a smartphone around the world.

So from a perspective of your business you have to continually ask yourself,

Where are my customers?
How do I reach my customers?
What value can I create for my customers?

Whether it’s live streaming through Facebook Live or Periscope, story telling via Snapchat, sharing beautiful images on Instagram, or creating customer success stories and case studies on your blog.

The fact is we live in a digital age where anyone with a smartphone can craft content that allows for people within your tribe to feel a intimate connection with you, your team, your brands, your products, and your services.

Business today is social and it’s this connectedness of people that makes it interesting… so have fun with it! Show the human side of your brand and give people a great reason to want to check back in with you and your brand.

This not only increases repeat customer traffic and sales, but it also works as a great recruiting tool…

Tip #2 — Connection Builds Brands Equity

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but pull not push marketing is what is winning in today’s business world.

And I know that for many of you, the idea of having a business in which growth happens on what might seem like autopilot might seem like a dream to you. The fact is that it’s not far from a reality for many of you reading this.

Most of the time all that’s needed is an actionable and measurable content plan.

As a business owner, you know that having an endless supply of new leads and turning customers into repeat buyers is the holy grail of unlimited profit potential.

You just need to be able to focus on the things that are actually going to move your business and brand forward.

Imagine for a minute that your business is at a place where customers come to you because they experience a deep emotional connection with your brand and whatever you offer. They then find themselves in one of your automated customer development funnels where they can buy whenever and wherever they best see fit.

This type of business is a reality for many entrepreneurs and small business owners in today’s world. So if you have yet to see this in action, it’s time to embrace the reality that myself and many of my peers are already experiencing.

People like…

Michael Hyatt

John Lee Dumas

Joe Polizzi

Gary Vaynerchuk

Lewis Howes

Arianna Huffington


Jeff Goins

Kim Garst

Mike Kim

Jon Westenberg

Tobias van Schneider

“Connection is the ultimate currency in today’s world.” — Kyle 💭

I know I can personally say that at times it feels like digital media is ruining human connection. But the fact is brands both big and small are realizing that the digital world is the climate lead generation mechanism.

And while I don’t know the specific details of your niche or your business, what I do know is that when you provide value to your community on top of solving their pains with your products and services… you will stand out well beyond your competition.

It’s not because more content is better, in fact it’s actually the opposite. What really matters is that you’re consistently investing in your brand equity account for the long-term growth of your business by adding value to your current and future customer relationships.

So to wrap this article up and let you get back to the business that is your growing your brand, remember your digital relationships are part of the value of your brand. And it’s up to you to continually make deposits by adding value to your audience.

Then over time, it’s those deposits that lead to riches and the real value that comes along with growing a business with Unlimited Profit Potential.

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