If you’ve ever been in a Starbucks or your local coffee shop for that matter, you’ll notice one thing (of many) and that’s Consumer Connectedness.

Let the party commence!

We live in a day & age where consumers are connected to businesses & businesses are connected to their consumers 24/7, 365.

Heck, even this year consumers & businesses alike have an extra day of connectedness!

We’re blessed to live a a time where consumers have endless information right in the palm of their hand to make decisions that can affect every aspect for their life for the better (or worse) when it comes to saving money or just being more productive

And while that statement is very argumentative (I know), just think about the context here…

Whether it’s pre-ordering their Starbucks (Yes, I just tried that I got my special Bday Gift early, thanks Starbucks), making a reservation at your favorite restaurant or comparing prices on the all mighty Amazon with your local retail store… technology is allowing consumers to win.

But if you’re a business owner & you take the time to observe the world around you, you’ll realize that MANY businesses are winning too.

However, you have to understand human behavior & the experience that is connectedness that we are living in if you really want to crush it in today’s social economy.

As I think about my Digital Consulting here at DCLabs & the future that is front of us, I get excited the because the truth is we are just in the beginning stages of technology truly becoming connected to the consumer.

And as a newly minted CEO of a Creative Agency, I think daily and ask myself…

“What does the future of the connected world hold?”

And while some view this as a bad having the ability to be engaged round the clock to our screens (Shout to my friend & mentor @shawnmodel, I’m encouraging our clients here in the DCLabs and convincing myself daily to just embrace this reality that we live in as a positive thing.

Because the fact of the matter is, the world is changing daily & you either adapt with it or you are setting yourself & your business up for failure.

I’m not writing this post with any other intentions other than to encourage you, your employees & my fellow entrepreneurs to just take a few minutes out of each week (day preferably) to do something that our friend Gary Vaynerchuk from VaynerMedia is very good at…

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As a business owner, as a creative & as an entrepreneur, you’ll be amazed at what perspective of the world you can take away in just a few minutes of watching the consumer.

Whether or not the people in front of you are your customers for your business & brand, the fact is whether people are busy working away on their laptop or switching hands to check a recent Snapchat, Instagram Post, or whatever, the reality is connectedness is not going away.

In fact, it’s becoming even more prevalent across every aspect of our lives.

From Amazon working to takeover the world with massive distribution investments, to virtual reality that’s just around the corner & so on, connectedness can arguably be bad thing for us as humans.

OR, it can be an asset that your Brand cashes in on.

Attention is the ultimate currency in today’s business world & whether or not the average consumer realizes it, they are being taken to the bank daily by the businesses that understand this opportunity to serve this reality.

So as I wrap up, reflect on current client engagements, the new opportunities ahead & the amazing connected world we live in, I leave you with this…


And when it comes to people which are the key to growing your business, take the advice of Seth Godin who influences us to ask this question…

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Oh, and BONUS!

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