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HonestNFT is releasing 3777 masked Vigilante NFTs, with both masculine & feminine versions, starting on March 7. These NFTs will play a role in the upcoming Honest Protocol. The presale/reserve price will be 0.1 ETH. Additionally, 45% of proceeds will go to our bounty pool to support development of the Honest Protocol and future bounties. More details can be found on our Mint Page.


  1. Presale minting will start on Monday, March 7 around 7am PST and will last ~48 hours.
  2. Public Dutch Auction will start Wednesday, March 9 around 8am PST and will last until the supply runs out.
  3. Metadata will be revealed on Friday, March 11.

Note: The NFTs will also be available to be bought and sold on Opensea as soon as minting starts.


Regardless of whether you plan to mint in the closed presale or during the public Dutch Auction, there are 2 requirements.

  1. You must have an Ethereum based wallet. We only recommend using Metamask. Instructions on how to install Metamask in your browser can be found here.
  2. You need to fund the wallet with more than the amount you plan to pay to cover gas fees. If you plan to do multiple transactions you should account for that as well.

Presale Mint

This is a limited early mint for winners of our presale allocation. Winners will know in advance of the presale.

The presale mint is slated to start on March 7 at ~7am PST and will last ~48 hours. During this time, only ETH addresses on our presale list will be eligible to mint. The minting can be done at any time during this window with no risk of missing out.

The cost for all NFTs purchased during the presale mint is 0.1 ETH. Once successfully minted, the NFTs will show up in your wallet but without the final image (this comes during metadata reveal).

Public Dutch Auction

This is an open, public mint with a descending price. We will start the Dutch Auction at 8am PST on March 9.

In a Dutch Auction, the price of an NFT starts at an initial price (ceiling) and drops by a fixed amount periodically until it hits the lowest price it will go (the reserve price). This means minting begins with a high asking price that decreases over time until the project hits its reserve price or is sold out.

We plan to start at 2 ETH, unless on-chain data suggests we start higher. The price will drop linearly in fixed increments for 12 hours until it hits the reserve price at ~8pm PST on March 9. Afterwards, the sale will continue at the reserve price of 0.1 ETH unless the collection is sold out prior.

During the public sale, there will be a limit of 10 mints per transaction. However, more can be purchased through additional transactions. There will be a maximum of 420 mints per wallet (you can’t get higher than that).

Perks: We recognize that some buyers will pay a price higher than the clearing price. To make up for this, we will be raffling off 12 Vigilante NFTs (IDs 1–10, 69, and 420). The higher the price you pay, the higher the likelihood you have to win the raffle.

Metadata Reveal

On March 11, we will be revealing the final NFT images. To ensure that nobody including the team has an unfair advantage, we will be using a commit reveal scheme. This simply means we’ll randomize the image that the NFT points to in IPFS, where the images and metadata are stored, after the collection is minted. We believe every project should be doing this.

You’ll also either mint a masculine or feminine version of the NFT. For each, there is a counterpart. In the future, we plan to enable holders to swap between masculine and feminine.

Secondary Sales

Once minting starts, holders will be able to transfer, sell and buy the NFTs on secondary marketplaces. We plan to be on Opensea and will be sharing that link soon. However, we recommend you don’t trade in the secondary market until after the metadata reveal. (link coming)

Have questions?

If you have questions or need support, join our Discord channel. If you just want to follow along, follow HonestNFT and Convex Labs on Twitter and check out our website.

HonestNFT is the first project from Convex Labs, an innovation network founded by a team of Stanford engineers, PhD, and MBAs.



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