From vision to fruition: Optimizing for project stage.

Idea, Iteration, Growth
  • First, understand how the various demands of your project compete.
  • Next, understand your project’s objectives and constraints at each stage.
  • Finally, you can prioritize your demands based on your specific objectives and constraints.

Understanding how demands compete.

Understanding objectives and constraints at each stage.

  • Do people actually want or need what we think they need? Do we really have what it takes to create it and deliver it?
  • What will our team look like in the idea stage? Am I a solo developer with an idea? Will we hire a few people to help us, or hire an agency?
  • How much money do we have to start with?
  • How much will people pay for this? Will they pay at all? How does that compare to how much it costs me to create, maintain, and deliver it?
  • What features are missing? What features do we need to figure out how to get rid of without disrupting our existing customers?
  • What features are broken? What features are underutilized?
  • How has our team changed? Are we still solo? Are we adding a lot of programmers or designers? What about salespeople and support staff?
  • Where are we going to get the money we need to continue to tinker with the product and prove the product and market are ripe to potentially scale?
  • What new technical and logistical challenges are we facing in scaling our software product?
  • What kind of team organization do we have in place to handle the various needs of maintaining and distributing our software product?
  • Do we have the money to invest in marketing and sales while also paying our developers, designers, project managers, and support staff to keep the product running?

Strategically prioritizing demands based on objectives and constraints.

Idea stage optimization

  1. Creating features and functionality you believe users want and need.
  2. Testing your features and functionality often with potential customers.

Iteration stage optimization

Growth stage optimization

There’s no single, correct answer.




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