White supremacists are not fighting for “American Jobs” they are fighting for their dominance

A lot of talk about immigration eventually focuses on two points. “Protect American Jobs” and “Islam will hurt us”. I will ignore the second part and focus on first.

The myth of American Job loss.

In the 50s when America had many large scale manufacturing jobs, American politicians actively tried to kill them by bringing in laws like OSHA. Whatever hatred that Trump, Warren etc. show for Google, Facebook today was reserved for Ford and GE during those days.

These evil companies are hurting the American worker was the argument. OSHA and thousands of more laws were passed to “protect the worker”. The result of all this misplaced policies was that countries with better work ethic surged in both innovation and manufacturing. Soon the Japanese and Chinese were major manufacturing hubs of the world. Of course today Japan is not as critical a player as China.

China did not “steal” jobs from Americans. American politicians actively made Chinese more competitive than American workers. China was smart to capitalize on this opportunity.

Lump of Labor Myth

The very idea of having more people leads to more job loss is a complete economic myth. American population has doubled in last few decades. Does that mean 50% of Americans are jobless ? California’s population has increased by around 10% in last 5 years. Does that mean unemployment rate has increased by 10% ?

Lump of Labor myth was ironically busted by an American economist in 1890s.

In economics, the lump of labour fallacy is the misconception that there is a fixed amount of work — a lump of labour — to be done within an economy which can be distributed to create more or fewer jobs. It was considered a fallacy in 1891 by economist David Frederick Schloss, who held that the amount of work is not fixed.

Having more noble winning scientists come to your country will not make more scientists unemployed, in fact it will make your entire science research lot more productive.

Having more computer scientists will not drive more computer scientists jobless. It will create more companies that will employ more computer science folks.

Even for jobs at lower end like fruit pickers, having more such people increases investment in these businesses which eventually leads to more jobs.

Traditionally Democratic party was a party of economics ignorant and Republicans supported some sound economic theories. In 2020 however it is hard to tell if Trump is a republican or democrat.

What white supremacists are actually fighting for ?

White supremacists believe that they are superior. This is a circular argument. Since they are superior they can oppress others and since others are oppressed they can not be superior. An uprising is the only thing that breaks this cycle.

While many countries successfully achieved their freedom from white colonizers, USA and Australia were not so lucky. Their native tribes were fully destroyed. Which created many arguments that these tribes were inferior to white people any ways. Ayan Rand was one proponent of this argument.

Indians and Chinese have challenged this theory. This has made white people realize that their “superiority” is under threat.

John Tanton’s real fear is what his groups like FAIR, CIS etc. fear. Indians and Chinese have already taken over most of the high tech industries. They will sooner or later come for politics as well.

Andrew Yang achieved lot of a popularity in the last democratic primary and Tulsi Gabbard (a Hindu) too managed to get lot of support.

The writing on the wall is that the future of America will be shaped by minorities (who will probably be a majority) and white people will be reduced to minorities.

White people do not minorities as long as they come to clean your home and mow your lawn but the moment president Trump has to sit next to a brown CEO they are deeply upset.

Today’s most successful American companies are run by Americans with Indian origins. Note that these people are American citizens and very proud American citizens at that. These people have generated trillions of dollars in net wealth for USA and ensured US dominance through sheer hard work and intelligence.

Had these people been white the same right wing groups would have called them “American Patriots” and what not. But white supremacists are unable to accept this new reality.

How come non-white people be so successful ? This must be through fraud. This must be some kind of global level conspiracy involving Obama, Soros and Big foot. That is what they believe.

Most of these people arrived in USA on H1B visa, which the white supremacist groups call “fraud” only because it involves Indians.

Note that when illegal immigrants cross the border illegally, they are actually breaking the law, when European tourists overstay their visa they are committing fraud and yet these people will not be called “fraud” because they do not threaten their supremacy.

Indians are hated because they are successful. This is a great situation to be in.


Indian Immigrants are here to stay. Irrespective of all song and dance, everyone sees groups like CIS and FAIR as losers. Trump himself understands this and has distanced himself from such groups. Over long term more Indians will enter USA and more Indians will settle in USA.

More jobs will move out of USA to other countries as no large company wants to put their eggs in one basked after COVID19.

COVID and Trump will lead to a better world after 2020.

Activist in area of immigration. Why anon? Soldiers in trenches need camouflage not the generals in offices.