Moving beyond S386

S386 would be dead by the end of this year. The efforts to pass it should be kickstarted again for 2021. This is a battle we will never quit.

However, we must continue to work with Biden administration to get more and more things done through executive orders and USCIS regulations.

Following things can be done easily via stroke of a pen:

  1. Do not count family members against the quota. (This will flush the queue much faster)
  2. Allow people to file Adjustment of status while waiting for their green cards. This frees them from H1B renewals and hence future h1b regulations.
  3. H4/H1B to be approved concurrently and in premium.
  4. Automatic renewal of extensions of H1B.

A lot of Indians are cheering for Biden. I would ask them to exercise caution. Biden’s history on immigration is not very good and he is as old as Trump, he is an old white man who shares very similar hatred for people like you and me. In past he has vocally criticized Indians.

The real trouble for Indians is that they are on this backlog where they have to constantly renew their “work visa” which is subject to the whims and fancies of the administration in charge.

Biden’s USCIS pick is unlikely to be influenced by Stephen Miller. They…

This is a PSA.

There is a group named Sadhana Coalition of Progressive Hindus which has been running all sort of campaigns. This is a NOT A HINDU group and this group is actually advocating AGAINST all Hindu causes.

The handlers of this group are far left people adherents of Communism and who actually hate pagan nature of Hinduism. These wolves have dressed up as sheep to fool Hindus and immigrants.

Stay away from them !

Indian immigrants are stuck in 200 year long green card back log thanks to the racist policies of white people in USA. Of course the snake of white supremacists in US congress is pretty much alive and wiggling in both the parties.

Yesterday we got see the new head of this same snake or if I may say ‘Alligator’ in the form Racist Rick Scott.

Rick Scott blocked a bipartisan immigration bill proposed by GOP Senator Mike Lee. Mike Lee and Durbin had worked on a compromise for last few months and nearly every Senator had agreed to support.


President Trump has been recently serving some nothing burgers to his core constituents. The nativists white folks.

Today he signed an executive order again around H1B that was so lame that no one even reported much about it. It forced Tennessee Valley Authority to hire substandard workforce at a higher price. Otherwise Tennessee Valley Authority had outsourced this work to Canada (Cap Gemini) and Ireland (Accenture).

Apparently this was a photo-op for one of the hate groups called US Tech Suckers. …

A family I knew, had all high achievers. Two brothers who were doctors and heading two major hospitals in Europe. Their sister was an international trade lawyer. They inherited a business empire from their parents who had made their money by making a successful toilet cleaning product. None of the highly educated members of the family wanted to associate themselves with the toilet cleaning product and hence they left the business in the hands of their eldest brother who was also the least achiever.

Not only he managed to screw up the business and drive it into the ground, he…

Indian community in IL recently organized a massive and peaceful car rally in Chicago to draw more attention to the racism of Senator Durbin.

A lot of people took notice and inquired more about the movement and exact reasons.

Senator Durbin’s office did not respond and he did not even issue any statement.

If the person of the caliber of Democratic Senator Dick Durbin can succumb to Hinduphobia then what objectivity and credibility are left of the Democratic Party?

A large percentage of the Indian American community is deeply hurt by the anti-India actions of several members of the Democratic…

Trump’s proclamation trying to ban H1B holders from entering USA is nothing but a last ditch effort by the president to appease his angry voterbase. This also seems to be carefully planned out by the eugenics supporting organizations like Cancer of Immigration Studies and others.

It is a highly orchestrated plan by Trump’s nativist supporters to publish an inconsequential order and do a large song and dance around it to fool his voters into thinking that Trump has done anything drastic.

The order has no adverse impact on most Indian H1B holders.

Many Indians who have to renew/extend their visa…

Firstly, let me congratulate all the DACA beneficiaries and their supporters. I am happy for them. This is not a victory but a mere respite. You live to fight another day and may you find victory in your future battles.

Based on my sources, Trump’s immigration order was delayed indefinitely because:
1. Trump expected to with DACA in SC.
2. Indo-China tensions had an opportunity to help align India more closely with west.
3. Tech industry had told Republicans in no uncertain terms that any adventures by Miller mafia will have bad consequences for GOP in future.

Trump had hoped…

I finally managed to talk to an individual from a tech company who has been working (trying to, at least) with various politicians to ensure tech industry’s interests are addresses by President Trump.

Apparently, Senate Republicans and House Republicans both are fully onboard. There is not a single Congressperson out there who disagrees with following key points.

  1. Hurting tech industry for narrow political gains is hurting USA and giving Chinese an edge.
  2. There is little political dividend in alienating tech companies as a whole from GOP.
  3. The willingness of tech companies to work with GOP or invest in GOP run…

Rosa Parks

Activist in area of immigration. Why anon? Soldiers in trenches need camouflage not the generals in offices.

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