7 Tips To Grow Your Facebook Page Without Paying a Dime

Facebook was once a place just for keeping tabs on friends and posting images. But, now the trend has changed and Facebook is now bracketed as the most effective business tool. Although it’s a fantastic space for marketing your products and services, Facebook organic reach is dramatically decreasing and if you are running a business page then you’ll need to become more creative on how its used. One of my favorite action-takers to follow is Holly Homer of Kids Activities Blog; she doesn’t speak “guru” talk but provides insight to exactly what she is doing and can show for it. She recently spoke on Social Media Examiner as well as her own YouTube about organically growing her following from 20,000 fans to over 1 million in 1 year. Here are the tips and takeaways that I have been applying:

Tip #1 Use Images Frequently and Just the Right Size
Facebook’s new timeline, which began rolling out in March, is designed to support big, bold visuals. According to a recent study by Fast Company, 44 percent of social media users are most likely to engage with companies that post visual content. Being highly visual creatures and are wired to pay attention when an image pops up at us in a sea of text updates.

We cannot ignore an image, it is right in front of us. Looking at just Facebook, 87% of total interactions (sharing, clicks and comments) can be attributed to just photos (be sure to use the correct image dimensions or it will not have the same impact if any at all).

Tip #2 Post at the same times each and every day
I know it’s a cliché, but content is still king on Facebook, so you need a strategic plan that works in tandem with an editorial calendar. Not only do we have a Facebook editorial calendar, but we plan our publishing line-up with similar types of content at the same times every day. Example: 10:00 Share, 12:00 Link, 3:00 Amazon Affiliate, 8:00 Quote Pic.

Tip #3 Upload Facebook Native Videos
Facebook native video is referring to videos created within or uploaded directly to Facebook. Facebook likes itself. I recommend testing this out yourself to see with your own eyes by adding a YouTube video link versus a native mp4 via Facebook.

You’ve probably seen pages such as Sweet Ambs icing a cookie. Yes, a cookie with views over 18 million and counting. My Cupcake Addiction, Pre K Pages and QuirkyMomma.com are also seeing amazing results and traffic to their sites from these native videos. Facebook is going directly after YouTube and it’s content recommendation algorithm gives preference to its own video player when determining which content to show in users’ news feeds. Again, Facebook likes itself.

Tip #4 Use Facebook’s Scheduler
Facebook wants you to use Facebook rather than third party apps and they reward your use of their platform with greater reach for native posts.

Being a Facebook insights addict, Holly Homer has seen a noticeable difference in external scheduling versus internal scheduling.

Tip #5 Analyze Facebook’s Insights
This is a great free tool, Facebook will show you under the insights tool which of your posts is performing best. Use insights to see what posts have been getting the best response and follow that data.

Tip #6 Create Controversy
Being controversial is a good thing. Your fans want to share their opinion.

Creating a post with content that polarizes people and gets responses from people in your specific niche will let your audience have a voice. Do not delete the negative comments (unless there is something completely inappropriate). If someone rudely disagrees with you, that’s gold. That excites people into engaging with your post.

The bottom line is if you want your page to have any exposure on Facebook then you need to get your audience involved in the conversation. Just hang on because sometimes a small controversy can get spicy.

Tip #6 Sharing is Caring (and will get you more views)
Facebook content that has more view, shares, likes and comments than your own page will give you a boost. In fact, this is something I do a lot on my page, its easy and it gets engagement. Win win. Only post things on Facebook that do well on Facebook. Holly states, “If you come across a post, and you say, “Crap I wish I had written that,” that’s something that is going to do well on your Facebook page.”

Case in point, for my Chocolate Facebook page, sharing this post about a Ding Dong Cake has had over 17,000 likes and over 4,000 shares, because its a highly engaged post, I will SHARE the Chocolate, Chocolate and More post with my audience. This will guarantee a high engagement from my community.

The conclusion, sharing popular stuff is easy (you don’t have to create the content).

Tip #7 Respond to all comments as quickly as you can.
Don’t ignore messages on your Facebook page. You know, the ones on the left sidebar. By not responding, you are signaling that you could care less about someone going out of his or her way to advocate for your business. Other types of engagements that should draw responses include comments responding to posted content, posts or mentions of the business, and reviews, whether positive or negative.

Holly Homer truly emphasizes quality fans and quality engagement (p.s. don’t worry if you lose a few fans along the way), you want the ones that truly want to be part of your community. As for my Page, I’ve been gaining between 5–20 fans per week, I have increased engagement, likes, shares, commenting . . without paying out to Facebook. Until the algorithm changes, I am applying these tips daily the best part I am seeing improvement in my audience and my bank account.

About: Becca Niederkrom is founder of multiple digital niche-based projects such as YourConnectedLife.com, iReallyLoveChocolate.com, online forums, How to Network Like a Pro and how-to digital courses.