Loving me, loving you, wildly.

Can you love me enough

to let me love you wildly?

Even upon knowing

my untamed nature desires nothing more

than to consume you whole?

Will you stay?

My love can engulf galaxies,

does that frighten you?

Will you run,

From my words or my touch

when they call forth your soul?

Can you bear to be more than witness to my light,

to step inside it?

Will you love me when that light fades

behind the clouds looming overhead,

stealing my radiance for themselves?

Will you be with me when I birth beauty into the world

out of a seed,

and when, in thundering darkness,

the same force births nothing but destruction?

In the force of the storm,

when I am paralysed amidst the safety of my sheets.

Will you hold me then?

Can you lift my eyes,

in a tender moment,

to make me see you?

Will you withstand my tears

shed from a deep well

where only love moves,

once carved by abandon.

When you sense my fear,

will you still let me touch you,

to return home to your body?

Can you trust me enough

to become a part of me,

to enter me so deeply

that the confines of you and I disintegrate to nothing

but a shared moment?

Will you courageously stay,

in that moment

when your pleasure fills my cavernous chest with light.

When in my tear-filled screams

I can do nothing but love you


Can you love me enough to

engulf me within your arms,

even when your feet so desperately crave

to travel alone?

Wild man,

know that at the release of your embrace,

I will always set you free.

There is not a thread of dependence

that wove these clothes.

My faith in us abides.

Upon your ventures,

separate from our communion,

our wildness fiercely grows.

I, stepping deeply into surrender,

letting go of all that we are,

revealing my divine nature.

Howling at the moon with my sisterhood,

brewing cauldrons that enchant;

maintaining the sacredness of the ancestral line

in the palms of my desiring hands.

Hair flowing wildly,

limbs moving freely

under the glow of the night sky.

A dance of the lineage,

of love and release;

ongoing practice,



renewed with time.

You, bounding forth across the pride lands,

peripherally blinded,

a mission to leave your mark.

Truth stained in your eyes,

leading your way.

A quiet whisper in the wind,

a breath from the Mother,

carries no power on your hunt.

The force of the Earth won’t allure you astray,

your calling is beyond Her.

But, when you’re gone,

know this.

There remains not a cell inside me

that does not want to consume you.

Not a synapse in my mind

runs free of your imprint.

Not a space in my chest

untouched by your absence.

Not a breath born of God

that doesn’t want to scream your name

in abandon

once more.

But surrender I shall,

to each breath,

the vast cavern,

my racing mind

and the cells of my being.

Knowing love exists just as deeply

in your freedom

as it does in your arms.

And at night,

when you return,

bathed in battle scars,

I will sit quietly with you

and caress them.

Trusting in your instincts,

even when the light of day

reveals the depth of your wounds.

Because my love knows no limits,

my open heart will wear our pain,


All I desire,

is to die wildly amidst our love

in your arms.

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