Signal Converter and Signal Conditioner Devices Supplied By Ucontrol Pty Ltd Australia

Ucontrol Pty Ltd is one of Australia’s leading suppliers of high quality, industrial signal converter and signal conditioner product ranges. Ucontrol offer standard slimline fixed input and output solutions through to the more sophisticated programmable, signal converter and signal to serial communications converter. The signal conditioner range of products is economically priced, highly flexible and includes a number of unique features providing some of the most attractive solutions for signal converter applications available. Manufactured by a company whose reputation for reliability, high quality is unrivaled, the extensive range of products will include a product to solve almost any signal conditioner requirement.

The entry level devices include the K series signal converter which offers an extensive range of fixed input and fixed output externally powered devices. Simple and economical these signal converters are very suitable for OEM applications.

The next level is the K series slimline configurable and programmable signal converter ranges such as K109UI which is a 6.5mm width universal linear volt and current converter, different ranges selectable via on board dip switches. The K series 121 is a programmable universal input signal converter which is configured by EASY 2.8 wizard based PC software and special USB interface cable. It is a fantastic device if non standard input ranges have to be used such as example 1.3 to 7.8 volts.The K121 is a loop powered signal conditioner which draws its power from the output side of the loop.

We then jump to the 17.5 mm width Z series signal converter range, which include solutions for pulse input, AC & DC current and voltage, temperature, serial communications, strain gauge and load cell inputs in addition to standard analogue inputs.

A popular model is the K109UI signal conditioner, due to it being a versatile, simple to install, low priced device. it has a large choice of standard current, mV and voltage inputs also selectable by on board dip switches. The current inputs can be active or passive. It has a voltage and current output selectable to connection terminals. 10–40VAC/DC wide ranging power supply competes an impressive specification for a product in this price bracket.

The flagship of the range is the Z109REG2 PC programmable signal converter and Z170REG programmable signal splitter which has two independent and isolated outputs. Both signal conditioners have the ability to be programmed by EASY 2.8 program software and can accommodate non linear inputs such as thermocouples, PT100, NTC thermistors. However if a PC is not at your disposal, most of the standard ranges can be programmed by on board dip switches. In addition the Z109REG2 has a specific hand held programmer which can also be used as a signal generator and signal reader.

To summarize there will be a product within the signal converter range suitable for almost any applications, which should fall within the most modest budget.For further information about signal conditioner and signal converter solutions available from Ucontrol Pty ltd.

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