Pro Football August 3rd 2017

Dallas Cowboys will take on the Arizona Cardinals on this special summer night edition of Thursday night football .

The class of 2017 (qb) Kurt Warner (rb) LaDainian Tomlinson (de) Jason Taylor (owner) Jerry Jones(s) Kenny Easley (rb) Terrel Davis (k) Morton Anderson. Will all be inducted into the NFL Pro Football Hall of Fame. Congratulations!

Going on last years 2016 regular season’s average per game numbers the Cowboys net points (7.2) Cardinals net points (3.5). Cowboy’s defense (-19.1) Cardinals Defense (-22.6) will not really come into play for this game. I Doubt we’ll see either teams starting QB’s either. Even though this is only a pre-season game both teams have further reason NOT to show their team’s playbook since the Cowboy’s will play the Cardinals in a week three regular season match-up on Monday night September 25th 2017 live from Phoenix, Arizona.

Vegas odds have Dallas favored (-1) over Arizona (+1) Even though this is a big night for the Dallas Cowboys & their fans having owner Jerry Jones being inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame, I still feel the Cardinals will show a little more power on the field & actually win the Hall of Fame game. Bettors should keep their cost @ a minimum & bet conservatively for this preseason opener.