Belcalis Alamnzar AKA CARDI B

Part 1: The Come up

Her government name is Belcalis Alamnzar. But we all know her as Cardi B, a name given to her by her friends who nicknamed her Bacardi like the Puerto Rican rum although she is of Trinidad and Dominican descent. The B at the end just gives homage to her real name Belcalis. Cardi reps the Bronx but she was actually born and raised in Washington Heights then moved to the Bronx and started 6th grade. Which according to Cardi is when she experienced so many moments that make her the person she is today.

“The environment you live in, will affect your kids!” said Cardi via Instagram. I think we all have turning points in our life. A time where you start to change, transform, and find yourself….or things that influence you, which eventually make YOU. For Cardi, she says “It was the Bronx! I Blame the Bronx!” for her attitude and persona. She says before 6th grade, she was a real good kid but once she started school in the Bronx, she got jumped, girls wanted to fight her all the time, and little boys were grabbing her butt! Yet the experience, only prepared her for the times to come physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Think about it. When you have your first fist fight, you have 100000 emotions going through your body. It really is a feeling you cannot explain until you’re “in the mix” yourself. Like Mike Tyson once said “Everyone has a plan ‘till they get punched in the mouth.” I will tell you this, after you have the first one, the fear leaves your body. You will be better prepared for what is to come. In addition, if you never had a little boy grab your butt, it is something that happens regularly in middle school. Trust me mom and dad, little boys in 6th grade think it is funny and cute to sneakily be playful with their classmates. They don’t think they are doing anything wrong! Especially if they like the girl. How did I get here!? Sorry just reminiscing middle school, back to Cardi!

After Middle School, Cardi attended Renaissance High School For Musical Theater and Technology in the Bronx were she said “You know how other people say teachers tell them they aren’t going to be shit? Not me, I always had teachers telling me I was special.” After high school, Cardi attended community college and worked at a local Amish Market. While trying to balance school and working, Cardi decided to take time off from school to work more because she was supporting herself. But she was late to work often and eventually got fired. Devastated and crying, the manager gave Cardi a suggestion that was a big key in her life. He tells her “You are such a pretty girl, why don’t you try getting a job across the street.” Across the street meaning a gentleman club. Hesitant at first, Cardi only thought of the negatives. As we all do when we think of exotic dancing because all we know is what we see. Not many of us actually think about why strippers dance for money. A lot of them do it as a way to support themselves in the meantime. A way to fast untaxed cash, to save up enough to leave and go somewhere else, or they probably just like their job! Remember, only God can judge us.

Cardi explains that the reason she started stripping was because she was struggling financially but she kept praying asking god to help her. She was living with her boyfriend at the time, who was abusive towards her and lived with his mother. Being in an abusive relationship and not the best living condition, motivated Cardi to save enough money to escape. Also, she started investing in herself. She got her own place, got her breast implants and got ass shots (will discuss in Part 2). However she explained to Charlemagne during the Breakfast interview that a lot of times you leave the stripe club empty handed, with no money. “These girls look at Instagram and think being a stripper is poppin. Sometimes you leave the strip club with ZERO,”

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