Why is success far from complex

Eeman Majeed

Below is an excerpt from the Young thinkers 2017 contest.Entry Submitted by 15 year old Eeman Majeed.Read more at the Young thinkers page

Success has a temperamental nature, and I am neither able nor willing to prescribe the ultimate definition of success, for the definition comes from within you!

To me, as a matter of fact, success is to be of value in the eyes of the world, and I believe I have in me various capabilities that delineate why I can succeed in life.

It hasn’t been until recently that I went through a physiological breakdown resulting from a variety of reasons that made me feel lonely and worthless; I felt like a blank sheet of paper. It was then that my teacher handed me a book entitled “Far from the Tree” by Andrew Solomon; a book just explicitly my need, one that changed my LIFE!

The novel describes the journey of a gay boy during which he interviews families coping with extreme difference: children who have Down’s syndrome, disabilities, dwarfism, transgenderism, etc. The aphorism affirms that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, but in Solomon’s explorations, some apples fall on the other side of the world. The book inspired me to a great extent. It led me to comprehend how lucky I have been born, though not with a silver spoon in mouth, yet granted with every possible blessing one could conceive of.

For instance, I have been awarded eyes that are capable of seeing. “The commandment is a lamp, and the law a light.” I have eyes that can view the wonders of the world, and observe the beauty God has created in these. I can witness evolving colors that surround me, and the people that I meet and love. Eyes that can reflect my inner personality that may inspire others, earning me friends; eyes that can display my innermost innocence and dearness that I may lack on the outside, and earn me the affection of young children, pure of flaws, appellant of love.

Alongside this, I have a sound and sane mind, accustomed with sense and sensibleness, feelings and emotions, giving me the dexterity to judge between right and wrong, the legitimate path and the erring one. A brain that can help me perform all vital functions, without which I would lack conscience and confidence. To think of words that would make people feel good, and to spread the aroma of my personality’s zeal; to help spread the contagious delight around the world, to make the world a better place.

I have, also, a tongue, one that I can combine with my morale to speak out what I have inside me: an active and joyous mindset, widening happiness and optimism. To make people feel good by my presence, and affect them to a degree enough to make them content. To help me speak out a piece of my mind, my dreams, and my aspirations for the world.

I have hands, helping me reach the unreached, recognize the neglected, and reach out to them with all my benevolence. People who require my aid for comfort and cooperation, people who are left out of the picture. The Syrians for example, in dire need of our help, suffering at the hands of cruelty and brutality.

More importantly, I have friends. Friends who would stick by me no matter what, whom I can depend upon to stay beside me through thick and thin, love me for who I am, and help me be more!

I could go on enlisting such blessings, but I guess you get the point! It all may have sounded weird, but honestly, it’s true. We have all been granted all these blessings, yet, we fail to notice them in our psyche, and continue to complain about the minor everyday dilemmas of our lives. We fail to recognize the meaning of real agony, faced by people who lack all these blessings bestowed upon us, all in our attempts to SUCCEED.

But, in the end, success is far from complex. Being of value doesn’t always mean studying in the best university, living in a posh house, or being as rich as Bill Gates. But instead, success is to be of benefit to others, a source of comfort, and as Ralph Waldo would put it , “ to earn the respect of the intelligent and adoration of the young; to find the best in others; to leave the world a bit better…” and that’s the kind of success I’m craving for.

I can succeed in life! And so can YOU!

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