My Experience so far at Andela Boot camp — Day 3

Today is the final day of the Home Study Series and I've been tasked with doing things i haven’t done before since Day 1. I never encountered NodeJS before, i just knew it existed, and now i can write a simple command line application to consume a public API. Andela’s Boot-camp exercises have been very tasking and rigorous but it brings out the best in one.

I am slowly getting used to being awake through the night. I hardly sleep at night nowadays and i am getting used to having to write and read codes at any given time.

The assignments for today are fairly simple probably because one of them involves designing a web page using HTML and CSS. I have always loved web design as it was one of the first things i started out as a programmer.

I was also to write two function one of which was a search algorithm.

Its the final day of the Home Learning Series and I can’t wait to get some sleep as I’ve been up all night.

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