#TeenCode — My Experience at Mavir Leaders School

It’s 3am — 14th of May, 2017 and i’m still psyched about my experience earlier at Mavir Leaders School, Olodi-Apapa, Ajegunle, Lagos.

We’ve all heard of “Ajegunle”, atleast we remember the Nigerian music veteran, “Daddy Showkey” — he was from Ajegunle.

Some call it the “Ghetto”, but the land is full of rich & enthusiastic minds. I accompanied my colleagues at Andela — Sofien, Adeybee & Chidi to Ajegunle and we had fun on the road, making short videos and we also got to see the Governor of Lagos State, Akinwunmi Ambode from a distance, LOL.

With the help of Google Map, we made it to the school, Mavir Leaders College. We decided to take a selfie before heading into the school premises, thanks to Adeybee’s camera it made us look good, LOL.

L-R: Chidi, Sofien, Me & Adeybee

We proceeded into the school premises, we were excited as we knew today is the first day of the rest of the kids life. We were excited to have the chance to make an impact in the lives of the future of tech in our country.

We got into the school’s computer lab at about 12:10pm and we kicked off with introduction. We started by introducing ourselves and telling the teenagers two fun facts about ourselves and they each did the same. It was nice to know some had already started writing markup scripts in HTML and i also fancied meeting Benita — who liked reading and staying indoors.

We kicked off the session with Adeybee making a joke about anyone who has seen a cat before and just ran. I didn’t raise my hands but I always run when i see a cat because I don’t really like them (thanks to all this Nollywood movies). Adeybee went ahead to teach them about the thought process of using Scratch — the logic behind it. The kids were happy and excited. They started by making the cat to say hello, then making the cat “meow” whenever a green flag was clicked, i’ve never seen such enthusiasm & joy from the kids when they made the cat do what they wanted. It was a joy to behold.

We were later joined by two facilitators, Fortune & Atanda who made the job of co-facilitating easier and helped the kids with their PCs too.

Adeybee & the kids performed several actions on the cat with Scratch and at about 3pm we ended the session. It was time for a group selfie, don’t mind the blurriness.

We ended up waiting several minutes for a Taxify driver to come around as there were no Uber drivers around Ajegunle.

Till nextweek, AJ City.