Company Audit

For my social media company audit I will be looking at Under Armour. There were three things to me that stood out in analyzing Under Armour’s social media platforms. First, I found that Under Armour has a very large brand presence online they’re on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, YouTube, etc.. They talk about their products, athletes, and other new things going on at Under Armour. Second, I found it surprising the things that Under Armour does for its sports teams that it sponsors, which I found they promote new products through these teams. Third, I found it very interesting all of Under Armour’s connect fitness platforms that they have purchased recently and are using to track and analyze how users workout, eat, and sleep. Overall, Under Armour has a very large social media presence that is overwhelming to analyze. A lot must go into running all their accounts and making sure it is all up to date. They have done a great job of staying hip and making sure they aren’t falling behind the social media curve.

I believe there are two ways that Under Armour can improve their already great social media presence. First, I believe that Under Armour is trying to show that they are a brand that appeals to the smaller not as athletic athlete, the under dog. However, I feel like they should show more small time success stories, and or possibly use social media to promote events for those who are as talented and want a chance to be seen by colleges and scouts. Secondly, I believe that Under Armour needs to push these connected fitness platforms more through social media. If it was not for my analysis of Under Armour I would have no clue about these platforms. They are new and can be amazing ways to connect customers to more fitness opportunities in this new fitness craze that has taken the United States by storm. If Under Armour is able to improve on both of these areas then I believe they will greatly increase their social media presence.

Overall, my experience with the brand on social media platforms was great. They only thing I will say is that at first taking a look at all their accounts it was a little overwhelming and repetitive, but I don’t think this would be a concern because not everyone will be involved with every single account. I believe that Under Armour has done an excellent job at connecting to its target audience and that it has a very well established presence for the future.