Show & Tell Recap

This event discussed how to tell stories on different types of social media platforms. A very interesting event that thought me it isn’t always about what you say but how you present the information. One must make a story that is interesting, catchy, and worthwhile to their audience. It is very important I found throughout the event to know your audience and how to appeal to them. A marketer, especially, on social media must figure out and understand their target market and medium in which that want to connect on. For example, during the event we heard about how one gentleman was very very good on YouTube, however, wasn’t able to connect the same way with an audience on Facebook through video even with Facebook live. This showed me that you must find the right influencer for a certain platform because certain platforms have completely different followings that expect completely different content. If you want to connect to your target market you must understand and utilize the platforms correctly, otherwise you will not be able to gain any traction with consumers. The content you build must also not be strictly about something you want your target audience to buy either. No one will care or pay attention to your brand if you are just trying to sell them stuff online. This is not what they expect or want to see on their respective platforms. People did not join or engage in social media to connect with brands. Social media is a great tool that can be utilized by brands to connect to more consumers, but they must remember that people do not get on social media to see ads and such. Therefore, we as marketers must tell stories that engage our customers and make them want to be apart of our brand and buy our products. This event talked about many ways in which we can tell stories and effective was in which we can tell stories. The thing that stuck out to me the most was how different and how much relied on the situation in which one was faced. For example, at one point in the event the proctor asked the panel to answer a question with one word, or one sentence. They all struggled with this because it all depended on what that person would be faced with in that situation. This is what makes it tough about being a marketer, because not only do you need to spend a ton of time developing great content. However, it can be argued that you must spend more time understanding your audience, and what their needs are and then find out the best way in which you can reach your target audience to best affect your company. It was a great event that opened my eyes to struggles in social media marketing that I would have never seen, and showed me ways to go about attacking those difficulties.

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