Dear Sarah and Carl, I dont care if its the corporate world, education system, on the street, or a…

I fully agree it’s wrong, in whatever circumstances, but we’re human, and most people don’t have the courage to take on that kind of burden. Most whistleblowers don’t get another job in their field, and the government programs to shield them are often ineffective.
For cops it’s often worse; a cop who violates the blue wall of silence will often be labeled a rat and find him/herself not only ostracized but dead, either by “misadventure” or because other cops fail to answer a call for backup in a life-threatening situation.
I would love to claim I would stand up for right in the same situation, but if I knew it would risk not only putting my family on the street but never seeing them again, I can’t be sure I would, and I don’t think you can either.

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