The basic fundamental police response to situations needs to change.
Ken McCall

Unfortunately, as awful as it is for someone to die, facing a knife-wielding murderer almost certainly merits this level of force. Shooting in a live situation is NOTHING like firing on a range, no matter how much practice you have. The target is MOVING, and fighting back, and police are trained to shoot for the largest target, which is the chest, and to fire multiple times to stop the assailant. If you fire once, hoping only to disable, you may miss or not stop an adrenaline-laden attacker, and now you or another officer may die.
I am in NO WAY condoning the horrific overreactions and brutality of police like in the egregious Tamir Rice, James Blake, et. al. cases, but when faced with a clear, known threat, you can’t second-guess the cops for acting as they did here.

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