Life is too short to eat junk — The Cookery

For every dish there are thousands of different recipes. It’s very difficult to find the best one. Even today’s search engines do not solve this problem. We are building The Cookery to help you find and save the best recipes.


The web is packed with billions of cooking recipes from thousands of different websites — The Paradox of Choice. A lot of them are of bad quality or contain ingredients that are not available for you or that your guests don’t like. On the other hand, there are also very good recipes, but it’s difficult and time-consuming to find them and who tells you they are good?

11.9 Million search results for “chocolate cake recipe”. Which one would you choose? The paradox of choice.

While searching for a certain recipe you might find one that is not relevant for the moment, but could be great for later. How to save it? Or you search for a recipe that you already cooked but are not sure which one it was. Has it vanished? What recipes do your friends like?

When you have finally found the perfect recipe, it’s difficult to store it. Evernote? Pinterest? Refind? Bookmarks? All valid alternatives, but how to make sure to find them again when you need them? Also, most tools are not really made for saving recipes.

Introducing The Cookery

We are building The Cookery to be home for the best recipes online. When you find a great recipe, simply save it by clicking a button.

Get inspired by following friends and known chefs. In the feed, we show you the recipes they save and also recipes that are most relevant to you, your taste, and diet. Next time you don’t know what to cook and you need inspiration, have a look at the feed and get inspired.

When searching recipes on Google, we highlight the recipes you and others saved. This helps you to choose the right one and avoid the wrong ones.

A powerful search allows you to find the best recipes that you and others have saved. We are aiming at making this search the most relevant possible and that you can filter for ingredients, diets, allergies, etc.

The problems we solve

- Efficient recipe management
- Relevant recipe search
- Inspirational recipe feed

How The Cookery is unique

Pinterest is a very general tool where you can pin anything. The Cookery is for recipes only. We are developing recipe-specific functionalities that Pinterest cannot offer due to its general nature. And, The Cookery is ads-free — forever.

Refind is a great tool for saving the best links on the internet. At The Cookery, we are big fans of Refind and therefore want to create a sort of Refind for Recipes with very recipe- and food-specific features.

Evernote is designed for professional notes and not for recipes. The Cookery is for recipes only and connects users to make recipes more relevant and inspiring.

Google does not know about the recipes you saved. The Cookery highlights them while you search on Google. Ultimately, our ambition is to become the best search engine for cooking recipes.

Bookmarks are difficult to manage and need a lot of effort from your side. The Cookery is simple, efficient and fun. Use The Cookery for your recipes and bookmarks for something else.

Recipe management tools such as Paprika, BigOven, Pepperplate, etc. do not connect multiple users. The Cookery does.

Recipe sites are closed systems. The Cookery inter-connects all recipes sites and helps you to pick the best recipes from all of them.

The big picture

We believe that the world would be a better place if more people cooked. Our motto is,

“Life is too short to eat junk”.

Cooking is healthy, saves money, brings people together, and makes happy. Therefore, we are committed to make cooking easier and help people to eat well. With this, we want to fight malnutrition and obesity.

We just started with The Cookery and have tons of ideas how to make cooking easier and more fun for you. We begin our journey with recipes as every great meal starts with a great recipe.

Your ideas are our ingredients

In order to make The Cookery the best tool for cooking, we would love to hear from you. Your feedback and ideas drive us and shape the product. Feel free to drop us a line on Get started with The Cookery now!